…and we’re live!

Welcome to the new-and-improved Night Shade Books webpage. We’re still patching a few holes behind the scenes (including one that prevents cover images from showing), but we’re confident that these changes will offer you a better, more secure Night Shade experience.

Unfortunately, customer information did not carry over from the previous version of the webpage (considering that it was designed by Jason’s cats, it’s not surprising), so you’re going to have to sign up again. Consider this an opportunity to give us your current address information. We do, however, still have all previous pre-order information on file, so if there’s something you’re waiting for, we’ll still get it to you, just like we always have.

Feel free to let us know what you think. Creative criticism is always welcome!

Oh, and check out Joe Sherry’s review of Alex Bledsoe’s The Sword-edged Blonde over at Adventures in Reading: “The Sword-edged Blonde is a cross-genre novel, mixing high fantasy with the hardboiled detective novel. Eddie LaCrosse would find himself very comfortable in the worlds of Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, except for the fact that Eddie swings a Fireblade Warrior three foot sword rather than carrying a gun. The world-weary attitude, wise-cracking, extreme confidence, and deeply personal moral code, Eddie LaCrosse has it all … Bottom line, The Sword-edged Blonde works and earned a place on my Best of 2007 list. No kidding, it’s the real deal.”