The Latest and the Greatest… Site Update, Wastelands, and The Sword-edged Blonde

We’re still tinkering behind the scenes, and should have nearly everything up and running at full steam within the next few days. Thanks to everybody that’s written in to tell us when things aren’t working for them.

Well worth checking out is this interview with Wastelands editor John Joseph Adams over at The Fix. Not only does John expose the deep, dark secrets behind the anthology, discuss the enduring appeal of the post-apocalyptic landscape, and share his thoughts on the current state of the SF short story, but he also divulges a few details about his next Night Shade collection. Here’s a hint… it’s got zombies. [link]

And over at Sci Fi Wire, John Joseph Adams has a must-read expose on Alex Bledsoe’s fantasy noir The Sword-edged Blonde, revealing, at long last, the break-out novel’s mysterious connection to… Fleetwood Mac. [link]