New Books!

We’ve had a couple of brand-spanking new books show up in the warehouse lately, and we’re really excited about it.

The first is Liz Williams’ near-future occult thriller Snake Agent, the first book in the Detective Inspector Chen series, now available in mass market paperback. If you’ve already encountered the John Constantine-meets-Chow Yun-Fat adventures of Detective Chen and his partner, demonic vice cop Zhu Irzh, then you know what a great ride this series of books offers (and mass market paperbacks are a great way to turn your friends on to this series). If you haven’t, you’re missing out!

The second is Glen Cook’s The Dragon Never Sleeps, a masterpiece of galaxy-spanning space opera. If you know Glen Cook primarily through his fantasies, such as the Dread Empire novels, then prepare to be astonished! Invincible warships! Mysterious aliens! Scheming diplomats! All this… and the ultimate battle for survival!