Bloggers Praise Snake Agent

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review has a nice review of Snake Agent by Liz Williams, which he calls “a fascinating look at a near future world where Heaven and Hell are more tangible than they have ever been,” and gives an 8.5 out of 10 rating.

Meanwhile, some other bloggers had nice things to say about the book as well. Beverly, at the Unicorns Are in the World Again blog, calls Snake Agent “a great read” and blogger Ian Huff calls the book a fun pulp detective novel in a bizarre setting, acutely summing up the novel in the following elevator pitch: “World-weary Chinese detective (married to a demoness on the DL) travels to hell solve a series of bizarre murders with his demon partner.”

The Hermit by Moonlight blog reviews Snake Agent, along with books two and three of the Detective-Inspector Chen series, concluding that “All three books are page-turners; I stayed up until dawn to finish reading one of them. […] If you enjoy fantasy that feels real, and have an interest in feng shui, magic, or the supernatural, her Dectective Inspector Chen novels may be just the escape you are looking for.”