Fantasy on Grey: “an imaginative debut”

A few new reviews have rolled in:

Grey, which was recently named a Philip K. Dick Award finalist, was just reviewed by Fantasy Magazine, which calls it “an imaginative debut novel,” and says that the “fast-paced action, flamboyant characters and teen-angst make [it] an enjoyable read.”

The Breathing Corpse blog reviews Strangers on the Heights by Manly Wade Wellman, describing it as a “swift moving, first contact tale complete with e.s.p., teleportation, zombies, invaders from another world, a lantern jawed hero and a beautiful South American damsel” and giving it an overall rating of “Good Fun!”

Last but not least, The Book Swede posted a review of Wastelands, calling it “a very good anthology” and giving it a rating of 9/10. And in other Wastelands news, editor John Joseph Adams (er, that is, me) appeared on the long-running radio show Hour of the Wolf on Saturday to promote the book. You can listen to the results by visiting the Hour of the Wolf website.