Charles de Lint reviews The Sword-Edged Blonde

Charles de Lint has some great things to say about Alex Bledsoe’s The Sword-Edged Blonde in this month’s issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction: “…once you get past the novelty of a hardboiled fantasy novel, you’ll forget that it’s a novelty because there’s meat on the bones of the story to be found here… I liked this book for a lot of reasons… LaCrosse is an interesting character with good PI traits: he’s smart, a little bit of a wiseacre, stubborn, and has a code of ethics that he follows. I also like that this is mostly a gritty, on-the-streets sort of a book, even when scenes are set in a palace. And Bledsoe keeps his magics to a minimum. There’s enough here to make the book a fantasy beyond its setting, but not so much that it’s all smoke and fireworks.”