Reviews of Snake Agent, Implied Spaces, Glen Cook

A couple of new reviews to report. First, for The Agony Column, Rick Kleffel covers Walter Jon Williams’s forthcoming novel Implied Spaces: "There are gems of absurdist SFnal vision on practically every page, seemingly serious but seriously funny observations that jog a smile while they boggle the mind. Compact, brainy and entertaining, ‘Implied Spaces’ plays with genre and perhaps not fairly. But in fiction, everything’s fair, especially when Williams manages to write about glitches in reality without creating glitches in the narrative."

Over at, "The Custodian" reviews Glen Cook’s The Dragon Never Sleeps: "It reads a great deal like a prototypical Iain Banks book; star-spanning civilizations, machine intelligences immensely greater than man, tying things together, and world-hopping plotlines. It appeals greatly to my sense of sci-fi as something that can aspire to a play and a stage so much larger than contemporary fiction. […] If you like Iain Banks Culture novels, Neal Asher’s Polity books, or Alastair Reynolds’ work such as Revelation Space, then I strongly recommend this book."

And last but not least, SFF World reviews Snake Agent by Liz Williams: "All told, Snake Agent is a solid entry in the popular and growing subgenre of the mystery/fantasy hybrid."