Strange Horizons reviews Pump Six

Abigail Nussbaum has a nice, very detailed review of Pump Six up in Strange Horizons today. Here’s a snippet: "Pump Six is effectively a retrospective of Bacigalupi’s career thus far, and as such offers us a chance to observe a writer growing, discovering his voice and dominant themes, and perfecting them. […] the collection as a whole gives the impression of an author who has thoroughly and effectively explored a theme, and who must now either repeat it (and possibly find new approaches towards it) or move on to the next level. […] We can only hope that Pump Six represents a mere stopping point in his career, from which he will go on to do even greater things."

Update: On her blog Nussbaum added: "This is, I believe, going to be one of those career-making short story collections, and anyone who cares about short-form SF owes it to themselves to track it down."