New Reviews

Peter Heck’s review in Asimov’s of The Spiral Labyrinth, which I mentioned here a while ago, is now online: “Hughes somehow catches the trick of combining dry understatement with a colorful, almost baroque, vocabulary that characterizes much of Jack Vance’s best writing. If you enjoy the latter as much as I do, this series by Hughes may well be just your cup of tea.”

The blog Occult Special Investigator has a nice review of Snake Agent: “All the positive raves you’ve heard about this book are true.”

The Merc Rants blog loves Butcher Bird: “The world shown is fascinating and dark, a mix of mythic and just plain weird … really bizarre. And a hell of a lot of fun. The first page did its job, because by the time I looked up from the screen, I was twelve chapters into BUTCHER BIRD.” [download the book for free]

And last, but not least, this month’s Fantasy Book Spot spotlight shines on Shadow of the Scorpion and The Shadow Pavilion.