Free Excerpt of Hespira, plus new reviews

Matthew Hughes, author of Majestrum and The Spiral Labyrinth, has made the first chapter of the third volume of the Henghis Hapthorn trilogy, Hespira, available on his website.

Bibliophile Stalker reviews Wastelands: “John Joseph Adams assembles a wide variety of apocalypse-related fiction in Wastelands ... What you end up with is a diverse anthology covering topics like religion, war, and exploration while containing elements of horror, comedy, and even sense of wonder.”

Adventures in Reading reviews Steven Erikson’s Blood Follows: “Blood Follows is just as satisfying as a Malazan novel (only with less fluff), tells a complete story, introduces a dark and fascinating world, and is one of the better entries into the Malazan Universe. I want more novellas, not less. Where the later Malazan begin to get bogged down into too many storylines and introducing too many things at once which, at the moment, barely connect to anything else, Blood Follows is a far tighter story. It needs to be as a novella, but it works. It works very well.”