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The Night Shade Interview: LIGHTBREAKER’s Mark Teppo

We’ve got a new feature here at Night Shade Books: The Night Shade Interview. Our inaugural episode features the Bunny Magus himself, Night Shade author Mark Teppo, talking about his recently-released novel Lightbreaker, its forthcoming sequel Heartland, Urban Fantasy, Western Occultism, industrial music, and Mark’s appearance this coming Tuesday at San Francisco’s Borderlands Books.

So click here (or on that beautiful book cover below) and enjoy: The Night Shade Interview: LIGHTBREAKER’s Mark Teppo.

And speaking of interviews, Night Shade’s Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Lassen was just interviewed by Rick Kleffel for his podcast, The Agony Column, where they discuss the secret history of Night Shade Books, the aesthetics of cover design and art direction, and other sundry publishing stuff. Here’s a direct link to the MP3.

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