Night Shade News & Notes

  • Author John Scalzi turns over the reins to his blog to allow Paolo Bacigalupi to explain the "Big Idea" behind The Windup Girl – "The Windup Girl is set in a future Bangkok where sea levels have risen and oil has run out, and where a company man named Anderson Lake is on the hunt for a hidden seedbank. The Thai Kingdom, unlike almost every other country in the world, has managed to fend off the calorie plagues with aggressive isolationist polices, and now—much to the surprise of the calorie companies, who control agriculture—the Thais are engineering their own competing seedstock. Lake wants access to the genetic gold mine of the Thai seedbank, and to find the man who is engineering their plague-resistant crops. Obviously, this isn’t in Thailand’s best interest, and mayhem ensues."
  • Innsmouth Free Press reviews By Blood We Live – "I have read a lot of vampire fiction and can honestly say this anthology was one of the best I’ve seen."
  • Not Free SF Reader reviews The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi – "The novel leaves you uneasy the whole way through, but fascinated. After many thousands of stories I am not easy to surprise. I had no idea what the hell was going to happen in this book, apart from the fact that it was likely to be bloody. The writing is excellent. Bacigalupi is a major talent. … This novel is quite likely to be important in the sense of SF history. It is brilliant, in its all sweating dystopian style. Forget whatever else you are reading. … It is that rare beast, a 5 star novel. Great at the start, great in the middle, great at the end."

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