Night Shade News & Notes

  • The December issue of SCI FI Magazine has a review of The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, giving it an A+ rating: – “The improbable intersection between Sherlock Holmes and science fiction … is further demonstrated in this teeming collection of Holmes pastiches by contributors who include many who made their reputations working in the fantastic. Not all the results are fantasy. In fact, many are not, and you cannot guess which will be from the respective bylines. … Holmes does end up contending with time travel, with the Uncertainty Principle, with alternate worlds, with invaders from other dimensions, and with Lovecraftian horrors, as well as the more typical assortment of fiendish kidnappings, daring thefts, and threats against lords and ladies in elegant drawing rooms. There are few duds, and some, like Tanith Lee’s powerful and heartbreaking “The Human Mystery,” treat the immortal detective with a depth of understanding that makes one wish they could be declared official entries in the Holmesian canon.”

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