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  • The Agony Column reviews THE LOVING DEAD by Amelia Beamer: – "Beamer [has] some shamblers in her novel, but this is modern farce, purely written and excellently executed. Beamer does not re-invent zombies. She simply puts them in the midst of some twenty-somethings who frankly have other problems just as difficult, mostly one another. Beamer's a skilled writer, and the result is a fun book that you'll finish faster than you'll think possible. The first key to 'The Loving Dead' is Beamer's quick, smart prose. She writes with a low-key sense of humor that puts everything at a slight distance, in a sense almost turning the reader into a zombie. She makes it alarmingly easy to watch the world go hell, turning that handbasket into a suburban rollercoaster. On a sentence level, her writing is funny sharp and transparent, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you feel about implied necrophilia."

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