News & Notes

  • PW reviews DARKWAR by Glen Cook – "Teaching an old dog new tricks can be a world-shaking task, as documented in this omnibus collection of mid-1980s proto-steampunk science fantasies from noted fantasy author Cook. … Played out against an intriguing and well-detailed culture of feudal guilds contending with wooden spaceships, Marika’s tale is affecting even as her path leads over the bodies of many she once loved."
  • PW gives YARN by Jon Armstrong a STARRED REVIEW – "Armstrong’s stylized tale is a profoundly moving fusion of visionary images and compelling social commentary."
  • PW reviews AT THE QUEEN’S COMMAND by Michael A. Stackpole – "Tacking magic onto a colonial New World called Mystria, bestseller Stackpole (I, Jedi) spins a sprawling tale of a French and Zombie War in which colonists, Norillian redcoats, and native warriors must work together to defeat a necromantic Jacobin from Tharyngia. … Stackpole captures the grandeur and danger of the New World."

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