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News & Notes

  • Barnes & Noble names the Best Zombie Releases of 2010 – and the list includes THE LOVING DEAD by Amelia Beamer (#2), ZOMBIES OF LAKE WOEBEGOTTEN by Harrison Geillor (#7), and THE LIVING DEAD 2 edited by John Joseph Adams (#8).
  • Left Overs reviews THE LIVING DEAD 2 edited by John Joseph Adams – "All of the stories in the book were thought-provoking, once again proving that the zombie story can aspire to be more than just a flesh fest. … A perfect follow-up to the first book. … A great anthology. The stories are well-written and they are all top-notch. I didn’t find a single bad story in the book."
  • Burn Through Books reviews THE LIVING DEAD 2 edited by John Joseph Adams – "This book is *shockingly* good. … The dense collection of 44 different short stories from 49 contemporary writers and collaborators presents countless variations on the theme of the Living Dead. They go by many names: walkers, moaners, smirkers, the dead, zombies and "the z-word," and they appear as figures of vengeance, divine wrath, bioterrorism, alien invasion and comedy. The sheer diversity of vision gathered here is one of the most encouraging qualities I've ever seen in an anthology. Adams's collection satisfies my childhood nostalgia for reading ghost stories under the blankets with a flashlight, and the tales come from both career writers and new voices, male and female, giving hope to the idea that creative ideas and solid storytelling still exist."
  • Dreams & Speculation reviews BRAVE NEW WORLDS ed. by John Joseph Adams – "The thirty three short stories of Brave New Worlds are addictive, dark, and thought provoking–all the best qualities of good dystopian fiction." [9/10 rating]

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