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  • reviews BRAVE NEW WORLDS edited by John Joseph Adams: – "Even if you don’t agree that all of the stories in Brave New Worlds are dystopias, you’ll find them all thought-provoking. Even the weakest are interesting thought experiments, and the best examine the darkness in the human spirit with compassion and generosity."
  • The Ranting Dragon reviews YARN by Jon Armstrong – "The punk-suffixed genre prides itself in cool, of which Yarn is the epitome. … Yes, Yarn is cool, but it’s a cool imbued with passion. I loved that fashion rules this world, and that brands not only identify clothing but also people. Each brand inspires allegiance as well as declarations of war upon all other brands. As one character professes, “don’t let anyone ever tell you that fashion is superficial. It’s the only thing that distinguishes humans from the critters.” … Don’t be intimidated if you’re no fashionista; no technical knowledge is required to enjoy Yarn. Read Yarn to witness the genesis of fashionpunk. Read Yarn to know who to thank when you begin seeing a wave of artistic and stylish costumes at conventions. Read Yarn so you won’t kick yourself later."

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