News & Notes

  • Paul Goat Allen from B&N reviews Never Knew Another by J. M. McDermott – “In a genre so often dominated by shelf-bending, action-packed epics  – many lacking true substance – it’s nice to sit down with a novel like Never Knew Another. Gloriously original, darkly lyrical, and deeply thought provoking, I recommend this novel for any fantasy fans looking for something unusual.”
  • The Mad Hatter reviews Brave New Worlds edited by John Joseph Adams – “As immensely readable as Brave New Worlds is I had to put it down intermittently just because I couldn’t stand the idea of finishing the collection. I give Brave New Worlds 10 out of 10 hats. This is one of the best collections of this or any year and showcases Adams’s immensely keen editorial eye. If you are a fan of classic authors George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, and modern scribes Suzanne Collins, Paolo Bacigalupi, and Lauren Beukes you should add this to you collection and savor it.”
  • Bibliophile Stalker reviews Brave New Worlds edited by John Joseph Adams – “A well-written dystopia–and there are a lot of them in Brave New Worlds–embraces the concept of writing for a particular ideology and exaggerates it to one extreme. If you believe that Science Fiction is the literature of ideas, then no sub-genre embodies this more than dystopic fiction. What makes this anthology brilliant is that the theme actually leaves authors with much room for flexibility as it can talk about science or religion or culture (or any combination of those). It’s been some time since I last read read an anthology by John Joseph Adams but this is easily my favorite: it’s potent, socially relevant, and leaves a strong resonance with the reader.”