Library Journal names Miserere: An Autumn Tale the Debut of the Month!

Miserere: An Autumn Tale not only received a fabulous starred review from Library Journal but they also named it debut novel of the month.
“Exiled from the Order of Katharos for abandoning his lover, Rachael, to the torments of Hell in exchange for the soul of his sister Catarina, former exorcist Lucian Negru receives a second chance at salvation when he rescues a child from Earth who wanders through the Crimson Veil into the parallel realm of Woerld. In order to save young Lindsay’s life, however, he must break the compact governing his exile and open a portal into Hell—and that action condemns him to death. Frohock sets her first novel on an alternate Earth, a quasimedieval realm that is aware of the existence of Earth’s technology and that serves as a battleground for the war between Heaven and Hell.” Read the verdict here.