Rising Shadow interviews Courtney Schafer

“Courtney Schafer is an American debut fantasy author, whose debut book, The Whitefire Crossing, was published in July/August 2011 by Night Shade Books. It’s the first book of The Shattered Sigil series (the second book, The Tainted City, will be published in 2012). Click here to visit Courtney Schafer’s official website.


Your debut fantasy book, The Whitefire Crossing, was published a while ago. How did it feel to write your own fantasy book?

Pretty darn cool. Make no mistake, writing a novel involves a lot of hard work, but it’s like climbing a mountain: the rewards far outweigh the effort. You know when you’re reading a book you love, and you’re transported out of yourself, completely immersed in a new and fantastic world? That’s what writing is like for me – and the really cool part is that the experience continues for months (or however long it takes to write the novel), as opposed to the mere hours it takes me to finish even the fattest of fantasy books. Even more exciting is the idea of sharing my world and characters with other fantasy readers. I’ve loved fantasy and science fiction for so long, and I’ve gotten so much joy out of reading my favorite novels – the thought of giving that joy back to others is truly wonderful.”

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