A review: Infidel

Justin Lanon reviews Infidel, the second book in the awesome Bel Dame Apocrypha series by Kameron Hurley, “There’s a fine line between dark and compelling and horrifying and off-putting. When a story comes right up to the line without crossing it a certain dichotomy comes into existence whereby I want to look away and forget about it, but can’t. No author in recent memory walks this line better than Joe Abercrombie (First Law Trilogy, The Heroes, Best Served Cold). After finishing Infidel, Kameron Hurley’s sequel to God’s War, I am convinced that Abercrombie now has company at the top of Mount Gritty.” There you have it, she’s at the top of mount gritty! This is definitely not one to miss, with Infidel due to be released early October now is the perfect time to check out Gods War, Volume one in the series. Read the full review online.