J.M. McDermott guest posts at SF Signal

J.M. McDermott Says Our Digital Future is Already A Few Months Behind Us, So What Is It, Exactly, and What Should We Do About It?
“Welcome to the Future, Which Will Be Evenly Distributing Itself Sooner Than We Think, But Not That Soon…
The digital age is already here. It is not evenly distributed, but it is already distributing itself nicely, and seems to be moving more towards that direction than away from it. Raise your hand if you own an eBook reader. Raise your hand if you read off of it more than off printed words on a page. Not everyone has raised their hands, but the day is coming sooner than we think, but not that soon, when the number of people who read text as ink printed on paper will easily be outmatched by the number of people who carry their entire library in their pocket to be downloaded from the server somewhere where they store all their books. It will be just like how some people listen to vinyl records as opposed to MP3 players, but even they will probably have a well-stocked iPod strapped to their arm when they go for a jog or hop about town in the automobile that comes with an iPod port, and couldn’t play a CD without skipping much less anything as warm and lush as a good vinyl record. Books may be the superior way to read, with the tactile, soulful qualities that have made them such beautiful companions for so many centuries, but they are still going to be replaced by text on screens. It has already happened. Sorry.” Read part 1 here and part 2 right…here!