A review: The Emperor's Knife

“One of the most important decisions an author has to make is how much to tell, how much to imply, and how much to show. In fantasy this even more true in creating a secondary/alternate world. For a debut fantasy author it’s triply difficult, because no one (editor or consumer) is going to buy an 800 page book from a total unknown. An author, looking through the world he’s created and the plot he’s weaving, has to start bailing water to offer a manuscript that’s tight enough to sell and verbose enough to be clear – no mean feat.

I bring this up because I think Mazarkis Williams had more water to bail than the average fantasy debut. Not a criticism, I say that because The Emperor’s Knife is incredibly ambitious. Heavily flavored with Persian, Arabic, and Asian influence, it is a riff on epic fantasy with a deep magic system, complex political intrigue, and a complete story arc all contained in well under 400 pages.” Read more. The Emperor’s Knife is out in December!