An Interview: Jeremy Lassen

Justin at Staffer’s Musings sat down with Night Shade Books Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Lassen, “I’ve been pretty open about my praise for the 2011 Night Shade line-up of debut authors. Having positively reviewed The Whitefire Crossing, Seed, The Emperor’s Knife, Necropolis, God’s War, and Infidel, I was interested in finding out what Night Shade’s plan of action was with all these tremendous new authors. Night Shade Books Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Lassen was kind enough to trade e-mails with me to talk about their New Voices Program, last year’s royalties controversy, 2012 debuts, and some great news about their web presence. Hope you enjoy!

Justin: What prompted me to ask for this interview was a comment Mazarkis Williams made on Twitter about the Night Shade New Voices Program. I had no idea that Night Shade had gone so far as to actually institute a ‘program’. First off, what is the New Voices Program?

Jeremy: The program will consist of a branded landing sight on our web site that spotlights upcoming releases from this new generation of writers. The Night Bazaar group blog is one component of this… a regular revolving conversation amongst our authors.

Our print advertising will feature our “New Voices” Branding with links and promotions that tie back into our New Voices web site.

There will be promotions and giveaways (full books, and excerpts) that group these authors together, so that people get a sense that something bigger is happening, than “Just One New Book” that got some good reviews, or awards or critical acclaim.” Read the full interview here.