A Review: The Serpent Sea

“The Serpent Sea is the sequel to The Cloud Roads (My SF Signal review here.) and continues the story of Moon. The first book, The Cloud Roads, was a story of discovery and a “fish out of water”as Moon, unaware of who and what he is, is first driven out of his home, and then brought to his own kind, the Raksura of Indigo Cloud. There, dealing with Court politics and life he is completely unprepared for, the threat of the Fell, ancient enemies to the Raksura, spur the development of not only the plot, but Moon as well.

The Serpent Sea takes place less than a fortnight after the events of the Cloud Roads. The court’s reigning queen, Pearl, has decided that the Court should be moved, and moved to ancestral lands for the Raksura, With the journey relatively uneventful, the discovery that the home has problems leads Moon and a group of Raksura to find a solution that will take them to one of the strangest places in the Three Worlds we’ve seen yet.” Read SF Signal’s full review of The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells here.