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"A Lovecraftian mélange of passion and hidden powers."

“In this debut novel by award-winning short fiction author Laird Barron, nothing is quite what it seems. A Lovecraftian mélange of passion and hidden powers, the story of The Croning is told through the eyes of septuagenarian geologist Donald Miller who, given his advanced age and frequent memory lapses, makes for a pleasingly unreliable narrator.

After a series of unsettling and occasionally horrific set pieces, the narrative flits backwards and forwards through time as Donald recalls various expeditions to far-flung corners of the world, where strange encounters may – or may not – have happened. Donald’s memories reveal the secrets of his curious life one patient step at a time. At their heart is a series of strange truths about his wife Michelle and their twin children. Once completed, the jigsaw puzzle of their intertwined lives proves to be one of cosmic proportions.” Read more at Graham Edwards Online.