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Review & Contest: Best Horror of the Year Vol 4, edited by Ellen Datlow

“You will be swept away by the sheer relentlessness of The Best Horror or the Year, Volume Four, edited by Ellen Datlow.

The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 4, contains an excellent selection of stories that rise to the top of the genre. Some of the pieces include topics that are shocking and at times difficult to read while others leave scenes lingering in your mind long after you’ve reached the end. As with any anthology, readers are sure to find they like some stories more than others, but the quality and diversity of the pieces within this anthology are spot on.

There is no story within The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 4 that doesn’t belong. Of course, the pieces by Stephen King and Peter Straub deliver as expected. While Straub’s piece is more challenging, King’s will tap into your sympathy and leave you wondering “then what happened?” Other notable stories include “The Moraine” by  Simon Bestwick, which is infused with the tangible influence of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Priya Sharma’s story “The Show,” which puts the reality into reality TV. Then there is John Langan who, in gymnastics terms, sticks the ending of his stories every time.

Special thanks to all of the authors who were able to participate in the group interview for The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 4. Below, they share their thoughts on the horror genre as well as some fascinating background on what inspired the stories within this collection. We hope you enjoy the interview and that you’ll also enter the contest to win 1 of 5 copies of The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 4, which have been provided by Night Shade Books.” Read the interview at Underwords!