Guest Post & Giveaway: Alexander Outland Blog Tour by G.J. Koch

“Please welcome G.J. Koch to the blog. I was asked to participate in this Alexander Outland: Space Pirate Blog Tour a few months ago and had no idea who the author was. It pretty much stayed that way until a few weeks back when I came to the realization the she was the author of the Kitty Katt Alien novels, Gini Koch. Yeah, no need to say it, I was hit with the dumb stick. I’ve been very curious about that series for some time now, and after reading this guest post, she made a believer out of me. So, I’ve finally ordered the first book of the series which I hope arrives soon.

In any case, was later asked for ideas for a topic for this post. I’ll tell you right off the bat that I hate coming up with these sort of ideas, and one I provided was something along the lines of “the fine line between fun, funny, and just being silly”. Well, Koch seems to think it was the “Guest Post Topic From Hell”. About a month ago I was told I did the interview from Hell, so I guess we’re on the right track. Plus, it was about time someone called me by my proper title, “Sir Bastard”.

Hope you guys have fun with this one, I certainly did. And don’t forget the giveaway at the end of the post. Have fun (or something)!

Make Me Laugh, Clown
G.J. Koch

Proving that the name of this blog is accurate, I was asked to discuss the fine line between fun, funny, and just being silly. (Dear Sir Bastard, I hate you. Love, Moi.)

I write the Alexander Outland: Space Pirate series, coming from Night Shade Books June 5th of this fine year. I also, as Gini Koch, write the Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt series for DAW Books/Penguin. Both series have things in common — they’re written by moi, released by great publishers, they’re science fiction with a lot of action and romance, and they’re funny.

So, now you’re thinking what your Lord and Master, Sir Bastard was thinking (if Sir Bastard thinks, which, so far, I’m not convinced he does): she’s a funny girl, so naturally, give her the topic that delves into the crux of the issue with humor — what’s funny and what isn’t. Brilliant! She’ll love it!

Wrong. She hates it.” Read on.