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Editorial: November 2012

Science fiction. What could be more science fictional, more part of engaging with the future than writing this editorial to accompany the second month of Eclipse Online on a shiny tablet while sitting in a plane 38,000 feet above Northern Africa while flying directly into the path of a superstorm less than a month after a man in a spacesuit jumped from the edge of space (we know it wasn’t, but hey it sounds better that way) having just watched a short film streamed live off the Internet about a using a dot matrix printer to print a new human liver!

This is the future, and engaging with it while finding amazing stories is an enormous part of the vision for Eclipse Online. It is something, I believe, that underpins Christopher Rowe’s incredible opening story “The Constant Gardner” from last month, and it will continue to be a central part of the stories we have in store for you. But we are also determined to bring you a broad range of stories, as you could see in KJ Parker’s drily witty “One Room an Everywhere”.

This month I’m delighted to be able to present a new Hwarharth story from Eleanor Arnason, “Holmes Sherlock”, and a new fantasy novelette, “Firebugs”, from the brilliant but underrated Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and there will be more soon. December’s stories are already in place, and we’re working on 2013 as hard as we can.

I hope you love the new Eclipse Online. Twice as many stories, delivered monthly with fantastic art by Kathleen Jennings, and with a lot more planned. If you’re enjoying Eclipse Online please tell someone else about it: blog, tweet, chat over a cup of coffee, anything. The only thing we are looking for is more readers, so keep coming back!
Jonathan Strahan
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October 2013