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Spring/Summer 2015: Here’s what we’re publishing in the next six months!

Over the next few months you’ll be hearing a lot more about each of these books, but for now, we’re very proud to present to you our Spring/Summer 2015 releases. From debut authors to seasoned veterans, epic fantasy to gritty SF, book one to book three, we’ve put together an exciting release schedule that showcases a variety of talents and genres.

Feel free to take a look around, and clicking on either the cover art or the title of each book will take you to a standalone release page with more information on each release.


Veil of the Deserters



Veil of the Deserters: Bloodsounder’s Arc Book Two by Jeff Salyards


In paperback for the first time, Veil of the Deserters is the second book in Salyard’s
gritty, brutal military fantasy in the vein of Glenn Cook and Joe Abercrombie.
Popping up on multiple year end best-of lists,Veil expands the story of Braylar Killcoin
and the soldiers of the Syldoon Empire introduced in 2012’s Scourge of the Betrayer.




Emissary 9781597805322



Emissary: The Second Book of the Seven Eyes by Betsy Dornbusch


Draken Vae Khellian, exiled from his homeland and falsely accused of murdering his wife,
was forced to carve a new life for himself in the neighboring kingdom of Akrasia.
In Emissary, the second book of Betsy Dornbusch’s gritty dark fantasy saga,
Draken will have to negotiate peace between the land he came from and his new home
if he has any chance of survival.




Venusian Gambit



The Venusian Gambit: The Daedalus Series Book Three by Michael J. Martinez

Paperback original

The final chapter in this dimension-spanning mash-up of 19th century military SF
and 22nd century space exploration. The Daedalus Incident landed on multiple
year-end best-of lists when it initially released, and book three in Martinez’s trilogy brings
Lord Admiral Thomas Weatherby’s story to an explosive finale.



Windup Girl



The Windup Girl: Expanded Edition by Paolo Bacigalupi


It’s been five years since The Windup Girl was met with nearly universal praise
and won almost every major science fiction award out there, including the Hugo and the Nebula.
This special expanded edition includes two novelettes exploring the dystopian world of
The Windup Girl, the Theodore Sturgeon Award–winning “The Calorie Man” and
“Yellow Card Man,” and an exclusive Q&A with the author, not to mention a snappy new design.



Use Once Then Destroy PB 9781597808224



Use Once, Then Destroy by Conrad Williams


Williams’ first collection of unsettling short literary horror was published to critical acclaim,
and in the eight years since its hardcover release this kind of atmospheric fiction has found a
foothold due in part to writers like Nathan Ballingrud and Laird Barron, who called
 Use Once, Then Destroy “one of the most accomplished collections I’ve encountered.”







Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women, edited by Paula Guran

Paperback original

Award-winning horror and dark fantasy editor Paula Guran’s latest anthology collects dark
vampiric fantasy exclusively from female authors. Included in the twenty-five reprinted
stories are New York Times bestsellers Holly Black, Nancy Holder, Catherynne M. Valente,
and Carrie Vaughn, as well as critically-acclaimed writers Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Tanith Lee.





Stories of the Raksura



Stories of the Raksura Volume Two: The Dead City and the Dark Earth Below by Martha Wells

Paperback original

Wells’s Raksura universe is defined by its wildly inventive world-building, diverse characters,
and original take on shapeshifting fantasy. Volume II contains two new novellas and three
short stories set within the universe that began with the author’s acclaimed novel The Cloud Roads.







Shower of Stones: A Novel of Jeroun by Zachary Jernigan


Jernigan’s violent, visceral, sexual, and lyrical debut, No Return, was named
“the most daring debut novel of 2013” (Justin Landon, Staffer’s Book Review) and
published to universal critical acclaim. In Shower of Stones, Jernigan returns to
the fascinatingly harsh world of Jeroun, where his unique blend of science fiction
and fantasy pits men against gods and swords against civilization-destroying magic.





The Dangerous Type: In the Wake of the Templars Book One by Loren Rhoads

Paperback original

Reana, one of the galaxy’s most dangerous assassins, is freed after being entombed for
twenty years. The first thing on her mind? Revenge. The Dangerous Type might
best be described as Firefly meets La Femme Nikita, and Night Shade
will be releasing all three books in this fast-packed and sensual military/action
SF trilogy by the end of 2015.






Witches Be Crazy by Logan J. Hunder

Paperback original

This debut novel from Canadian author Logan J. Hunder is a hilarious send-up of medieval fantasy,
dungeons and dragons, and girls locked away in castles, blowing up the genre with its wry juxtaposition
of the fantastic and the mundane, proving that the strongest and brightest heroes aren’t always
the best for the job.




Arrows of Time



The Arrows of Time: Orthogonal Book Three by Greg Egan


No one does hard science fiction harder than Greg Egan. The Arrows of Time is the
final novel in Greg Egan’s Orthogonal trilogy, an epic generations-spanning space opera set
on a massive spaceship traveling faster than the speed of light in a universe with far different
physics from our own.







The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Seven, edited by Ellen Datlow

Paperback original

Ellen Datlow is one of the most prolific short fiction editors in the field, with countless
awards and almost thirty years of experience as an editor and anthologist to her name.
2015 marks the seventh volume of this annual series with Night Shade, which The Washington Post
confirms “delivers what [Datlow] promises, ‘the best horror of the year,’ whether it’s written by the
famous (Neil Gaiman) or the should-be famous (Laird Barron and many others).”



After the Saucers Landed



After the Saucers Landed by Douglas Lain

Paperback original

Douglas Lain’s latest novel is a smart, satirical take on the well-worn alien invasion trope.
Part philosophy and part pulp genre fiction, After the Saucers Landed feels like Camus’s
The Stranger
and Invasion of the Body Snatchers were stuffed together in a blender.
“I don’t know anyone else that’s doing quite what Lain is doing,” Locus magazine said of
the author, “Fascinating work, moving, strikingly honest, powerful.”