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New Book Announcement: Na’amen Tilahun’s The Root

Night Shade Books is excited to announce the acquisition of worldattachment.ashx rights to a new urban fantasy trilogy, The Wrath & Athenaeum, by established genre author and debut novelist Na’amen Tilahun.

The Root, scheduled for summer 2016, is dark and gritty urban fantasy set in a modern-day San Francisco filled with gods, sinister government forces, and worlds of dark magic hidden just below the surface:

When a secret government agency trying to enslave you isn’t the biggest problem you’re facing, you’re in trouble.

Erik, a former teen star living in San Francisco, thought his life was complicated; having his ex-boyfriend in jail because of the scandal that destroyed his career seemed overwhelming. Then Erik learned he was Blooded: descended from the Gods.

Struggling with a power he doesn’t understand and can barely control, Erik discovers that a covert government agency is selling off Blooded like lab rats to a rival branch of preternatural beings in ’Zebub—San Francisco’s mirror city in an alternate dimension.

Lil, a timid apprentice in ’Zebub, is searching for answers to her parents’ sudden and mysterious deaths. Surrounded by those who wish her harm and view her as a lesser being, Lil delves into a forgotten history that those in power will go to dangerous lengths to keep buried.

What neither Erik nor Lil realize is that a darkness is coming, something none have faced in living memory. It eats. It hunts. And it knows them. In The Root, the dark and surging urban fantasy debut from Na’amen Tilahun, two worlds must come together if even a remnant of one is to survive.

“Na’amen Tilahun’s unique authorial voice combines with an unabashed and instantly recognizable enthusiasm for the fantastic, creating a book that is utterly wonderful. I fell in love with this local writer’s vision of San Francisco, and the layers of supernatural fantasy that surround it,” says editor Jeremy Lassen, who acquired the trilogy. “By itself, this carefully rendered setting would have kept me turning the pages, but it was the characters in this novel that really make it sing. I fell in love with Erik and Lil, and knew I had to publish this book.

“Na’amen has already made himself a part of the genre community, but I’m proud to be the editor that is introducing his debut novel to the wider world,” Lassen continues. “It is smart, fun-yet-challenging work by writers like Na’amen that help ensure the fantastic genre stays fresh and current and compelling. One of the best parts of acquiring books for Night Shade is stumbling across books like The Root.  I may have stumbled, but Na’amen has been striding purposefully and consistently for many years now, and this novel is just the first stop in a professional journey that promises to be long and exciting. We are all lucky to be looking over his shoulder as he continues to stride forward.”

Na’amen adds, “I’m thrilled to be have my debut trilogy coming out and to join the Night Shade family of authors!”

The Root is scheduled to publish in June 2016. Two sequels, The Tree and The Fruit, will follow.

Na’amen Tilahun is a bookseller and freelance writer who split his early years between Los Angeles and San Francisco. His fiction, poetry, and critical writing are published across the web, and he is the cocreator and cohost of the geek podcast, The Adventures of Yellow Peril + Magical Negro. Follow him on Twitter here.