Night Shade Books September Releases

We’ve got three great releases lined up for you in September, with two releasing today!

In the Shadow of the Towers 9781597808392

In the Shadow of the Towers: Speculative Fiction in a Post-9/11 World edited by Douglas Lain

Paperback original out September 1

In the Shadow of the Towers compiles nearly twenty works of speculative fiction responding to and inspired by the events of 9/11, from writers seeking to confront, rebuild, and carry on, even in the face of overwhelming emotion.

Writer and editor Douglas Lain has compiled a unique and thought-provoking anthology featuring a variety of award-winning and best-selling authors, from Jeff VanderMeer (Annihilation) and Cory Doctorow (Little Brother) to Susan Palwick (Flying in Place) and James Morrow (Towing Jehovah). Touching on themes as wide-ranging as politics, morality, and even heartfelt nostalgia, these writers prove that the rubric of the fantastic offers an incomparable view into how we respond to tragedy.


KKill by Numbers 9781597808316ill By Numbers: In The Wake of the Templars Book Two by Loren Rhoads

Paperback original out September 1

The second book in Rhoads’s In the Wake of the Templars series. Kill By Numbers continues Raena Zacari’s galaxy-spanning adventure with sweeping space opera featuring aliens, androids, drug dealers, journalists, and free-running media hackers.

“This military flavored space opera is sure to please David Weber and Joel Shepherd fans.”
Library Journal

Catch up with Loren Rhoads fast-paced trilogy, starting with The Dangerous Type.





The Promise of the Child by Tom Toner

Hardcover out September 22

We’ve been really excited about The Promise of the Child for a long time. Debut UK author Tom Toner has crafted an intelligent space opera filled with gripping action and an emotional scale that is wonderfully intimate. We could call this a smart and compelling debut that calls to mind the best of Kim Stanley Robinson or M. John Harrison, or we could just say that it’s one of the most original and unique space operas in quite some time. Trust us when we say this is a debut you won’t want to miss. Or, trust Karl Schroeder, author of Lockstep and Sun of Suns:

“One of the most ambitious and epic-scale pieces of worldbuilding I’ve read. Reading The Promise of the Child, you feel you’re in the presence of an author at the height of his powers. If this is what Toner is like when he’s just getting started, I think we can expect great things from him. Utterly absorbing; a tremendous adventure.”