Night Shade Books August Releases

August is a horror month for us here at Night Shade. First up is Nick Mamatas’s I Am Providence, where the murder of an author at a horror convention uncovers an unspeakable terror beneath the printed page. It mixes Lovecraft, fan conventions, and a murder mystery into a terrifying and strikingly funny novel. If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned ghost story then we’ve also got the brand new paperback edition of Jonahtan Aycliffe’s A Shadow on the Wall.

I am Providence 9781597808354I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas

Paperback original

For fans of legendary pulp author H. P. Lovecraft, there is nothing bigger than the annual Providence-based convention the Summer Tentacular. Horror writer Colleen Danzig doesn’t know what to expect when she arrives, but is unsettled to find that among the hob-knobbing between scholars and literary critics are a group of real freaks: book collectors looking for volumes bound in human skin, and true believers claiming the power to summon the Elder God Cthulhu before the weekend is out.

Colleen’s trip spirals into a nightmare when her roommate for the weekend, an obnoxious novelist known as Panossian, turns up dead, his face neatly removed. What’s more unsettling is that, in the aftermath of the murder, there is little concern among the convention goers. The Summer Tentacular continues uninterrupted, except by a few bumbling police.

I Am Providence landed on io9‘s “15 Must-read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Arriving This August” along with making The Verge‘s list of the same name.

If you’re curious about how Nick created his characters for I Am Providence and where the idea came from, he wrote about his process on John Scalzi’s “The Big Idea.”

“If you’re looking for a wacky summer beach read with a dose of horror and you love Lovecraft, I Am Providence will satisfy your abyss of cravings — with some hilarious and pointed jabs at Lovecraftian fandom.”

I Am Providence ended up being a smart, entertaining and truly one-of-a-kind experience, darkly funny and unexpected. Not to mention, very tentacle-y. I look forward to more from Nick Mamatas.”
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A Shadow on the Wall by Jonathan Aycliffe

New Trade Paperback Edition

Aycliffe has mastered the classic English ghost story, and A Shadow on the Wall, nominated in 2000 for the International Horror Guild Award, is sure to both mesmerize and haunt you.

In the countryside of Victorian England, Edward Atherton, rector of Thornham St. Stephen, has taken on the arduous task of restoring the ancient church. But he should never have meddled with the tomb that lay beneath the church’s crumbling walls. The moment the workman raised the tomb’s lid, an unspeakable horror escaped. At a loss to explain the unsettling noises and frightening visions that begin to plague the church, Atherton calls upon fellow antiquarian and Cambridge professor Richard Asquith to help investigate the strange events that began in the wake of the tomb’s disturbance.

“A modern day M. R. James . . . Aycliffe has the fiction of fear down to an art.”