Night Shade Books October Releases

October sees two original books (both of which can scratch that horror itch) and the paperback edition of one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction debuts in recent years. Firewalk is a supernatural crime thriller that comes from the co-creator of iZombie, Chris Roberson. Reanimatrix is Pete Rawlik’s Lovecraftian take on the hard-boiled pulp detective novel. Tom Toner’s The Promise of the Child was said to be “among the most significant works of science fiction released in recent years” by, and now it’s out in trade paperback with a  beautiful, brand-new cover.

firewalk_jacket_nosealFirewalk by Chris Roberson


First off, every first edition copy of Firewalk is signed by the author. If you want one of these limited edition signed copies, it’s best to pick up the book soon!

“A haunting thriller in which ancient evil and modern tech intertwine in streets of a dying city—and where the darkness hides things much older and more frightening than the darkness itself.”
—Richard Kadrey, New York Times bestselling author of Sandman Slim

Izzie Lefevre was the newest investigator for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit when she first came to Recondito. Local law enforcement requested the Bureau’s assistance in hunting a sword-wielding serial killer who’d left a dozen mutilated bodies in his wake. Patrick Tevake was a local homicide detective assigned to the taskforce, and together he and Izzie managed to track down and stop the killer before he claimed another victim.

Five years later, Izzie and Patrick remain haunted by what the killer said before he fell in a hail of gunfire. The killer’s last words have brought up a past both Izzie and Patrick thought they’d long since left behind, and neither has been able to shake the feeling that their case was never completely solved. The threat is far from over. Reunited again, he and Izzie will discover that Recondito is a city of dark secrets, and their own pasts may be the key to unlocking them.

“[A] gripping supernatural thriller . . . Terrific pacing and detailed police work mixed with supernatural elements will serve well horror and urban fantasy fans alike.”
Library Journal, starred review


Reanimatrix by Pete Rawlik

Paperback original

“Rawlik takes the epistolary form through turns alternately weird, witty, and sexy in this tale of abomination and obsession, giving readers a lively romp through Lovecraft country that will leave fans of the genre hungry for more. Even better, Megan Halsey-Griffith is the anti-heroine you don’t want to just read about—you want to be.”
—Wendy N. Wagner, author of Starspawn and Skinwalkers

With Reanimators and The Weird Company, Pete Rawlik has been mixing Lovecraftian lore into his writing for years. Reanimatrix inventively tackles the hard-boiled pulp detective story, Lovecraftian terror, and romance.

Robert Peaslee spent years trying to forget the monsters that haunt his dreams, but now has returned to Arkham to do the only job that he’s qualified for, handling the crimes other cops would prefer to never talk about. Megan Halsey is dead, her body missing.

Peaslee soon becomes obsessed with the murdered Megan. Retracing the steps of her own investigation, traveling from Arkham to Dunwich, and even to the outskirts of Innsmouth, he will learn more about Megan and Arkham than he should, and discover things about himself that he’d tried to bury.


PromiseOfTheChild_Updated_Cover_rgbThe Promise of the Child by Tom Toner

New Trade Paperback Edition

The Promise of the Child released to major critical acclaim, and we’ll let those reviews speak for why this book is must-read science fiction.

“To call The Promise of the Child one of the most accomplished debuts of 2015 so far is to understate its weight—instead, let me moot that is among the most significant works of science fiction released in recent years.”

“One of the most ambitious and epic-scale pieces of worldbuilding I’ve read. Reading The Promise of the Child, you feel you’re in the presence of an author at the height of his powers. If this is what Toner is like when he’s just getting started, I think we can expect great things from him. Utterly absorbing; a tremendous adventure.”
—Karl Schroeder, author of Lockstep and Sun of Suns

“Marvelous. . .a space opera of surpassing gracefulness, depth, complexity, and well, all-round weirdness.”
—Paul Di Filippo, Locus

“First rate. . .a clever and interesting world, with something new always coming across the horizon, more wonders as yet unreached. I ate it up with a spoon.”
—Paul Weimer, SFSignal

“Ambitious. . .The several 147th-century cultures on display are fascinating. . .The pace picks up as the tale moves toward its end, but this is the kind of book that will most appeal to cerebral readers who can appreciate its characters’ many verbal interactions.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“This is the purest example of space opera we’ve seen in some time. . . .The book is challenging, ambitious, and rewarding, and it’s impossible not to admire Toner’s wild imagination and carefully constructed world. This thing is bonkers, no question. It’s also one helluva debut.”
Barnes & Noble, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog