CLASSIFIED: Documents from MJ-12: Shadows, by Michael J. Martinez


MJ-12: Shadows, the second book in Michael J. Martinez’s superhero spy series, has just published, we thought it was time to open our classified and encrypted files and give you a glimpse of some of the “top secret” documents included in the book.

(Full disclosure: Mike wrote about these on his own site a while ago. We just like them so much we thought it was worth stealing his idea boosting the signal.)

If you don’t know much about the MJ-12 series, it’s set in an alternate-history United States in the early stages of the Cold War, where the government is tracking down and recruiting citizens (all of whom have been mysteriously granted superhuman abilities) for top secret spy missions. It’s been compared to everything from the X-Men to the X-Files. Seriously.

One of the things we dig most about Mike’s books (both the MAJESTIC-12 series and his debut trilogy, The Daedalus Series) is the incredible amount of research that goes into each of his projects. There’s a ton of real history (and real people) involved, and one of the challenges of producing the MAJESTIC-12 books was Mike’s idea that they could include authentic-looking classified memos, surveillance transcripts, newspaper clippings, and more.

After some time spent looking around the dark corners of the web (starting with the “real-life” MAJESTIC 12 project, a popular theory among UFOlogists—we told you Mike had done his research!), and then a bit of technical wizardry, we’re pumped with the final results, and we hope you’ll all agree.

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You can find more about the two books in the MAJESTIC-12 series by visiting the book pages here for MJ-12: Inception and MJ-12: Shadows. Both are available for sale now wherever fine books are sold.
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