Cover Reveal: Firewalk, by Chris Roberson, cocreator of iZombie!



After its original release in 2016 as a hardcover, the paperback reprint of Firewalkwith a badass new cover design, comes out October 31st, 2017—just in time for Halloween!

Equal parts police procedural mystery and cosmic horror novel, Firewalk is full of danger and secrecy, urban decay, California vibes, and ancient mysticism. And who else but the brilliant Chris Roberson (@chris_roberson)New York Times bestselling author and award-winning cocreator of TV’s iZombie, could pull that off?

Anyway, to celebrate the paperback release, we wanted to show off the new jacket, to give you a few fun facts about the novel and its story, and to tell you about some of the praise the book has received so far.

First, here’s the hardback edition’s front cover:



See how we’ve changed it? We’ve “torn away” some of the cover to reveal the mad scribbles in the dark beneath the surface, to show brief “newspaper-clipping” blurbs, and to include a couple (disturbingly crime-scene-like) silhouettes of our main characters, Izzie Lefevre and Patrick Tevake. There are also a few ominous ink-stains here and there, and trust us, they have more meaning than you might think . . .

(Check out the book’s page for a few hints as to what that might mean!)

But the most important new addition is just a small scrap of an image on the back cover—an old drawing of an even older town.

“Why is that the most important thing?” you might ask, to which we’d reply, “Because that photo hints at the novel’s setting: a fictional west coast city—Recondito, California—whose history plays an significant role in the plot of the book. In fact, it’s more than a significant role; everything in Firewalk happens because of that enigmatic history. So, in many ways, the story of the series is about unraveling the mystery of just what the hell is going on in Recondito, and what the hell has been going on since the city was founded long ago, even before the picture was drawn.”

To get a sense of Recondito in the present day, you’ll have to read the novel. But let us assure you that Roberson uses its setting masterfully to generate tension and mystery and intrigue and a desire to see what will happen next. That was one of our favorite things about it, actually; we love to see a novel where the setting is just as important as the characters, and Firewalk definitely achieves that. As readers, we immediately get a sense that Recondito is a real-life town populated by real-life people, as the city setting just oozes with hints of backstory, forgotten (or hidden) history, and even real cultural divides of the sort that echo today in our society as a whole.

It’s the kind of thing that marks this story as coming from an author who’s a professional writer of comic books. In fact, an editor here even compared Firewalk and its depiction of Recondito to the opening issue of a new comic-book series: it sets up the world and setting, makes it live and breathe and feel real and relevant, and then leaves it very wide open for future storylines.

(Which is fortunate for us, because we want to keep coming back to Recondito! Even if it is a bit scary there . . .)


And, as always, we like to show off a bit of the praise we’ve gotten, and there’s been a lot for this one (from some major names, too!):


Praise for Firewalk

“[A] gripping supernatural thriller . . . Terrific pacing and detailed police work mixed with supernatural elements will serve well horror and urban fantasy fans alike.”—Library Journal, starred review

“A novel that’s part True Detective and part Lovecraft. . . . The plot is engaging, and Roberson really shines in building the relationships and dialogue. . . . The end will have horror fans ready for the sequel.” —Publishers Weekly

“Firewalk is as entertaining as can be, filled with humor and a satisfying depth of plot. The characters are skillfully crafted and demonstrate exceptional savvy without becoming implausible. Peering around the corners in Recondito is wicked good fun; Roberson’s fantasy comics background . . . has prepared him to tell this tale of the occult with a marked sense of believability.” —Shelf Awareness, reviewed by Rob LeFebvre

“Lefevre, Tevake and their supporting cast, not to mention the fictional location Recondito, are compellingly drawn, and their pursuit of the current evil and attempt to finally understand the killer they stopped years ago strikes a nice balance between understandable skepticism and a justifiable (and life-saving) willingness to take what they find at face value. . . . memorably creepy and tense.”—4.5 Stars —a RT Book Reviews Top Pick, reviewed by Ian Mathers

“A haunting thriller in which ancient evil and modern tech intertwine in streets of a dying city—and where the darkness hides things much older and more frightening than the darkness itself.”—Richard Kadrey, New York Times bestselling author of Sandman Slim

“Smart, tough, and scary as hell. Roberson delivers authentic-feeling police action while spinning us down into a pit (or mineshaft) of horrors.”—Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy

Firewalk turns the police procedural on its ear. Roberson’s Recondito is a simmering melting pot of diverse characters and long-buried evil. It’s a compelling urban fantasy locale I look forward to returning to.”—Michael J. Martinez, author of The Daedalus Incident and MJ-12: Inception

“Fans of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Agent Pendergast series will find a lot to love here, but Roberson takes things a few steps further: by introducing an inclusive cast of characters, and by bringing together Haitian Voodoo, ancient Mayan mythology, cosmology, and even a South Pacific cargo cult. If you’re looking for a cop story with a heavy dose of the supernatural, Firewalk is the book for you.”—Matthew Sturges, author of Midwinter and The Office of Shadow

Firewalk is X-Files for grownups: weird doings in Lovecraftian caverns, Mayan mythology coming to life, and more. A spine-tingling treat from a consummate pro.”—Dennis O’Flaherty, author of The Calorium Wars

“Chris Roberson is always surprising you because you thought you knew where he was going and what he was going to do, but his plots are always a bit deeper than you thought, the knife a bit sharper. In Firewalk, he twists that knife like a drill.”—Paul Tobin, author of Prepare To Die!

“A scorching thriller that expertly blends horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy, Firewalk is an excellent launch to what promises to be a spellbinding series.”—Richard Cox, author of The Boys of Summer

“Roberson’s expertise as a television and comic-book writer adds a cinematic flair to his story.” —Kirkus Reviews


Check out the paperback edition of Firewalk on Halloween Day, 2017, and follow Chris Roberson on Twitter for more updates on the sequel, Firewalkers, out April 2018!
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