New Book(s) Announcement: More of the Best Horror from Ellen Datlow!

If you check our website posts regularly (and we hope you all do, ’cause we think they’re fun), you’ll know that we’re huge fans of multiple Hugo-award winning editor Ellen Datlow (@EllenDatlow) and her Best Horror anthologies.

So, we couldn’t be more proud to announce that we’ll be working together on at least three more books in the series: The Best Horror of the Year, Volumes Eleven and Twelve, and a special tenth-anniversary Best of the Best Horror collection, which will pull together the best and most beloved stories from the first ten years of this incredible series.

We’ll be publishing Volumes Eleven and Twelve around midsummer in 2019 and 2020, and The Best of the Best will be out in Fall 2018, just a few months after two more books from Ellen: March 2018’s The Devil and the Deep, an all-original sea-horror anthology collecting terrifying tales of dark waters and horrifying creatures, and the Best Horror of the Year, Volume Ten, which publishes in June 2018.

(Speaking of those two, keep an eye out here for the upcoming cover reveals—they’re spectacularly creepy).

Here’s what Ellen has to say about the newly announced books:

“I’m delighted to continue editing The Best Horror of the Year series with Night Shade, and eager to put together a Best of the Best overview of the series’ first ten years.”


So, we’ll see you back here soon to reveal the cover and Table of Contents for The Devil and the Deep, the Best Horror of the Year, Volume Ten, and the Best of the Best Horror!

In the meantime, if any of you have a story from a previous edition of the Best Horror of the Year—and remember, there are currently nine to choose from, which adds up to, well . . . a lot of stories (look, we didn’t get into publishing to do math, okay?)—then please send us a note from our Contact Us page above. We always love to hear from readers, and who knows? Your favorite might just end up as one of the Best of the Best!


And, just to whet your appetite, here’s what the critics think about Ellen and the Best Horror of the Year series:

“You just can’t have a list of recommended speculative anthologies without including an Ellen Datlow anthology. It’s. Not. Possible. The line-up in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Eight is absolutely stupendous, featuring the most frighteningly talented authors in horror fiction.”

“Once again, [Ellen Datlow supplies] an invaluable book, featuring excellent short fiction and, in addition, providing as always precious information about what happened in the horror field last year.”
—Mario Guslandi, British Fantasy Society

“As usual, Datlow delivers what she promises, ‘the best horror of the year,’ whether it’s written by the famous (Neil Gaiman) or the should-be famous (Laird Barron and many others).”
Washington Post


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