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All the Books We’re Publishing in Spring/Summer 2018

Winter is coming to an end (see what we did there?), so we’ve decided it’s time to share with you our upcoming books for Spring and Summer 2018. We’ve got a great selection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles by a variety of excellent authors, so we feel certain that there’s going to be something here to appeal to everybody, whether it be an anthology of short stories from award-winning editors Neil Clarke and Ellen Datlow, a thrilling and thought-provoking novel from authors such as Kameron Hurley, Neal Asher, and Glen Cook, or a new collection of the work of classic vintage writers like Seabury Quinn and William Hope Hodgson.

So, please check out the full list below! Clicking on either the cover art or the title of each book will take you to a standalone release page with more information, and clicking each author’s name will take you to their social media feeds.


9781597809160_FCBash Bash Revolution, by Douglas Lain

Trade paperback

In this compelling post-singularity coming-of-age novel from Philip K. Dick Award–nominated author Douglas Lain, a young high school dropout must wrangle with the AI his computer-scientist father created as it tries to save—or take over—the world.

Perfect for fans of the Super Smash Bros. video games, for phone-addicted friends and family, and for anyone concerned about the future relationship of technology and humanity, Bash Bash Revolution is equal parts mind-blowingly clever, side-splittingly funny, and scarily prescient. It’s sure to make you look at the world in a brand new way.

And if you don’t believe us when we say that, just check out what others thought:

Praise for Bash Bash Revolution:

“A fun read; that is, until you close the book and start thinking about its implications. This is not a cartoonish sketch: it is a realistic and bleak look at the post-singularity world. An easy suggestion for fans of current, accessible science fiction that thoughtfully contemplates AI such as Cline’s Ready Player One or Cargill’s Sea of Rust, but it is also a great choice for those who enjoy John Scalzi’s narrative style.” —Booklist, starred review

“A page-turner with a strong philosophical bent, Bash Bash Revolution is up there with some of the best VR-influenced sci-fi of the past thirty years and will sit comfortably with works like Snow Crash and Ready Player One on any reader’s bookshelf, virtual or otherwise, for years to come.”—Small Press Reviews

“Bearing similarities to M.T. Anderson’s Feed, this timely novel explores the affordances and pitfalls of connecting and changing the world with technology.”—School Library Journal

“A fascinating mash-up of philosophy and video game culture. The kind of book that will stick with you long after you put it down.” —A.C. Wise, author of The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories

“Hip, intelligent and utterly addictive. Strap in for a wild ride.”—Gareth L. Powell, author of Ack-Ack Macaque and Embers of War

“Lain’s writing is unsettling, ferociously smart, and extremely addictive.”—Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble

“A sharp shell of inventive geeky goodness around a devastatingly human core.”—Suzanne Palmer

9781597809078_FCThe Devil and the Deep, edited by Ellen Datlow

Horror Stories of the Sea

Hardcover, trade paperback, ebook

If you follow us here regularly, you’ll know we’re major Ellen Datlow fans (just as all horror readers should be, in our opinion), so when we say we’re excited about her newest anthology, we hope it’s clear that we mean it.

After all, what’s not to be excited about? The Devil and the Deep is an all-original anthology of horror—that’s right; no reprints here, folks!—that covers the depths of the deep blue sea, with brand new stories from New York Times bestsellers and award-winning authors such as Seanan McGuire, Christopher Golden, Stephen Graham Jones, and more. There’s sure to be something here for any horror fan!

Fair warning, though: if you’re planning on going in or near the ocean anytime soon after reading this, you might want to change your plans. We’ve all had that momentary freak-out after stepping on something in the ocean, after all, and this probably won’t help with that—you never know what might be lurking just under the surface. . . .

Praise for The Devil and the Deep:

“With fifteen all original, outstanding tales of horror and the seas, The Devil and the Deep is an anthology that demands the attention of any fan of short horror fiction. . . . Perfectly executed, diverse, and bold this is a must have anthology for horror fans.”—Signal Horizon

“This haunting and powerful anthology captures the beauty and terror of the deep blue sea. Horror fans will want to drown in its poetic depths.”—Library Journal

“Sure to delight horror fans of all sensibilities.”—B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, “The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of March 2018”


9781597809344_FCAn Argumentation of Historians, by Jodi Taylor

The Chronicles of St. Mary’s Book Nine

Trade paperback

Exciting news for fans of the brilliant Chronicles of St. Mary’s: the newest book in the series is about to come out! That means we’ve finally caught up to the printing schedule of Accent Press (the series’s original UK publisher), so we’ll be releasing this title simultaneously with their overseas publication—so anybody who has come to love Max, Chief Farrell, Markham, Dr. Bairstow, and/or any of the other members of St. Mary’s can get their time-travel fix soon!

In An Argumentation of Historians, the St. Mary’s gang gets up to more madcap time-traveling hijinks throughout time and space, from Tudor England to the burning city of Persepolis, from a medieval St. Mary’s under siege to Victorian Rushford and a very nasty case of gaol fever.

Plus, the nefarious Clive Ronan returns. . . .

Praise for Jodi Taylor and the Chronicles of St. Mary’s series:

“A carnival ride through laughter and tears with a bit of time travel thrown in for spice . . . readers will be impatient for later installments.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“If you’re a fan of time travel, or if you’re a fan of madcap British comedies, or better yet if you’re a fan of both, then you’ll want to check out The Chronicles of St. Mary’s.”
Adventures Fantastic

“The writing was witty and fun, and kept making me smile page after page. . . . Max is a brilliant character, the kind of character you root for, faults and all.”
All Things Urban Fantasy

9781597809368_FCThe Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume Threeedited by Neil Clarke

Trade paperback

From Neil Clarke, respected editor, anthologist, and publisher of the award-winning Clarkesworld magazine, comes the third volume in his annual roundup of the year’s very best science fiction short stories. We’re confident that for all sci-fi fans, it’s not only the best way to catch up on a year’s worth of great storytelling from your favorite authors, but a great opportunity to get a sense of the state of the genre as a whole.

(Special note: this is the first of two (!) Neil Clarke-edited anthologies we’ll be releasing this spring and summer, and three overall for the year; we’ve got another one, Not One of Us, coming in November, but you’ll have to check back later for more info on that . . .)

This newest edition in the series includes stories from well-known genre names including Aliette de Bodard, Yoon Ha Lee, Alastair Reynolds, Peter Watts, Greg Egan (whose novel Dichronauts also appears on this list), and more.

The complete table of contents is available here, and don’t forget to check out Volumes One and Two, too!

Plus, keep reading for a glimpse of the year’s second anthology from Neil: The Final Frontier!


9781597809450_FCThe Dark Angel, by Seabury Quinn

The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, Volume Three


Following The Devil’s Rosary and The Horror on the Links is the third volume in a new hardcover set collecting famous Weird Tales contributor Seabury Quinn’s beloved Jules de Grandin stories, with art by the inimitable Donato Giancola.

Quinn’s short stories were featured in well more than half of Weird Tales’s original publication run. His most famous character, the supernatural French detective Dr. Jules de Grandin, investigated cases involving monsters, devil worshippers, serial killers, and spirits from beyond the grave, often set in the small town of Harrisonville, New Jersey. In de Grandin there are familiar shades of both Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, and alongside his assistant, Dr. Samuel Trowbridge, de Grandin’s knack for solving mysteries—and his outbursts of peculiar French-isms (grand Dieu!)—captivated readers for nearly three decades.

Collected for the first time in trade editions, The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, edited by George Vanderburgh, presents all ninety-three published works featuring the supernatural detective. Presented in chronological order over five volumes, this is the definitive collection of an iconic pulp hero.

The third volume, The Dark Angel, includes all of the Jules de Grandin stories from “The Lost Lady” (1931) to “The Hand of Glory” (1933) as well as The Devil’s Bride, the only novel featuring de Grandin, which was originally serialized over six issues of Weird Tales. You can check out the full Table of Contents here.

Praise for The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin:

“[Quinn’s] clever assortment of monsters and occult menaces make for tremendously entertaining stories. His admirers have every reason to be thrilled with these comprehensive new collections, and the writer will find new fans among those who enjoy truly weird horror.” —Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“A fun, spooky trip back to the golden age of weird . . . De Grandin, “his little blond mustache twitching like the whiskers of an excited cat,” is an exuberant, delightful creation.”—Publishers Weekly

“Many of these stories have been unavailable for years. I applaud Night Shade Books for bringing these wonderful stories back into print. I can’t wait for Volume Two! GRADE: A”—GeorgeKelley.org

9781597809122_FCFirewalkers, by Chris Roberson

A Recondito Novel

Trade paperback

You may know New York Times bestselling writer Chris Roberson as the co-creater of the hit comic book series iZombie (season four just premiered Feb. 26th on the CW), or from his comic book work on FablesSuperman, or Doc Savage—the guy clearly does a lot of different things.

But you might also know him if you read Firewalk, a simmering supernatural crime thriller that mixes cosmic horror with Polynesian, Mayan, and Haitian mysticism, along with a healthy dose of urban-California vibes, to create a mind-blowing, scare-inducing whole. If you’ve read Firewalk, then you’ll know what you’re getting into, as the story of Izzie and Patrick continues to grow and expand, revealing more of the secrets behind the mysterious present and murky past of the town of Recondito.

If you haven’t read Firewalk, well, you should (it just came out in paperback, by the way, *hint hint*; you can check out the amazing new cover here). Then, once you’ve done that, come back and check out Firewalkers, too, and learn more about just what the hell is going on in Recondito, CA. . . .

Praise for Chris Roberson and Firewalk:

“[A] gripping supernatural thriller . . . Terrific pacing and detailed police work mixed with supernatural elements will serve well horror and urban fantasy fans alike.”
Library Journal, starred review

Firewalk turns the police procedural on its ear. Roberson’s Recondito is a simmering melting pot of diverse characters and long-buried evil. It’s a compelling urban fantasy locale I look forward to returning to.”
—Michael J. Martinez, author of The Daedalus Incident and MJ-12: Inception

“A novel that’s part True Detective and part Lovecraft. . . . The plot is engaging, and Roberson really shines in building the relationships and dialogue. . . . The end will have horror fans ready for the sequel.”—Publishers Weekly

“As entertaining as can be, filled with humor and a satisfying depth of plot. Peering around the corners in Recondito is wicked good fun.”—Shelf Awareness

“Lefevre, Tevake and their supporting cast, not to mention the fictional location Recondito, are compellingly drawn . . . . memorably creepy and tense.”—RT Book Reviews Top Pick (4.5 Stars)


9781597809412_FCThe Ghost Pirates and Other Revenants of the Sea, by William Hope Hodgson

The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson, Volume Three

Trade paperback

Any weird fiction fan worth their salt(water) will know the name William Hope Hodgson, especially if you’ve been following our Collected Fiction reprint series through the first two volumes, The Boats of the “Glen Carrig” and Other Nautical Adventures and The House on the Borderland and Other Mysterious Places

These new editions mark the first time this series has been available in paperback, and they also come with classy new covers and high-quality interior art. We’re also publishing these books on an accelerated schedule, with new titles coming out every four months or so, so you won’t have long to wait for the next one—which means you should read this one as soon as you can!

Volume Three, The Ghost Pirates and Other Revenants of the Sea, collects more of Hodgson’s nautical fiction not included in Boats of the “Glen Carrig”, including his famous 1909 novel The Ghost Pirates. It’s sure to delight any fan of vintage weird fiction, or anyone else who loves a good story.

[Editor’s note: A sincere apology for the “salt(water)” pun above. We just couldn’t help ourselves. . . .]

9781597809504_FCGod’s War, by Kameron Hurley

Bel Dame Apocrypha Volume 1

Mass-market paperback

These days, Kameron Hurley’s a rock star in the SFF community, an icon for her epic stories full of brutal women. But she was once a mere debut author, and God’s War was her first book—the one that started it all.

In its futuristic setting filled with brutal fights, religious influences, sand that drinks blood, and giant bugs, Nyx, the main character, somehow still stands out. In fact, she’s unforgettable enough that we’re about to issue new editions of all three books in the Bel Dame Apocrypha series, too—with newly designed covers, a new mass-market trim size, and the same breathtaking beauty and unrelenting savagery that marks all Hurley’s work.

For the badass feminists among you (or just anyone who likes gritty, progressive sci-fi with equal parts white-knuckle action, creative worldbuilding, and unique, distinctive characters), God’s War—like its upcoming sequel reprints Infidel (September 2018) and Rapture (November 2018)—is sure to satisfy.

Praise for God’s War

“Inventive, challenging, tough as nails—just like its hard-hitting heroine. Recommended.”—Joe Abercrombie

“Kameron Hurley’s a brave, unflinching, truly original writer with a unique vision . . . burns right through your brain and your heart.”—Jeff VanderMeer, author of Finch

“Hurley’s world-building is phenomenal… (she) smoothly handles tricky themes such as race, class, religion, and gender without sacrificing action.”—Publishers Weekly

“One of the most thought-provoking debuts I’ve read so far this year.”—Locus


The Soldier, by Neal Asher

Rise of the Jain, Book One


If you’re familiar with Neal Asher, you’ll know what you’re getting when you pick up one of his books: epic and complex plotlines, high-tech worldbuilding in his incredible Polity universe, excellent characters both new and familiar, and thrilling, hard-hitting battles ranging from the brutal seas of Spatterjay to the dark voids of interstellar space.

And if you’re not familiar with Neal Asher, well, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? And where better than The Soldier, his newest novel, and the start of the Rise of the Jain trilogy? Especially because, after the events of The Soldier, the entire Polity Universe may just be changed forever . . .

Praise for Neal Asher and The Soldier:

“Neal Asher’s books are like an adrenaline shot targeted directly for the brain.”—New York Times bestselling author John Scalzi

“A richly imagined, exotic world, nonstop action, and unimaginable stakes–I couldn’t put The Soldier down.”―Yoon Ha Lee, author of Ninefox Gambit

“Neal Asher’s coruscating mix of epic space opera, weaponised Darwinism and high-stakes intrigue channels the primal flame of deep-core science fiction.” ―Paul McAuley, author of Four Hundred Billion Stars

The Soldier provides everything we demand from Asher: a beautifully complex universe where AIs, aliens and post-humans scheme and struggle―magnificently awesome. Then Asher turns it up to eleven.”―Peter F. Hamilton


Best Horror Vol 10_FCThe Best Horror of the Year, Volume Ten, edited by Ellen Datlow

Trade paperback

Remember what we said about being huge fans of Ellen Datlow’s work? Well, we weren’t kidding, y’all.

We’ve been looking forward to showing this one off for a while now, and we’re thrilled you’ll all get to check it out now! This newest edition has a great table of contents (of course) featuring, as always, a who’s who of the best short horror fiction writers working today, including Carmen Maria Machado, A.C. Wise, John Langan, Mira Grant, and Brian Hodge.

Any horror fan will find something here to enjoy, we’re sure. Plus, this is a great way to whet your appetite before The Best of the Best Horror of the Year: 10 Years of Essential Short Horror Fiction comes out this October (just in time for Halloween)!

Praise for Ellen Datlow and The Best Horror of the Year:

“You just can’t have a list of recommended speculative anthologies without including an Ellen Datlow anthology. It’s. Not. Possible. The line-up in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Eight is absolutely stupendous, featuring the most frighteningly talented authors in horror fiction.”—Tor.com

“Once again, [Ellen Datlow supplies] an invaluable book, featuring excellent short fiction and, in addition, providing as always precious information about what happened in the horror field last year.”—Mario Guslandi, British Fantasy Society

“As usual, Datlow delivers what she promises, ‘the best horror of the year,’ whether it’s written by the famous (Neil Gaiman) or the should-be famous (Laird Barron and many others).”—Washington Post

“Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year series is one of the best investments you can make in short fiction. The current volume is no exception.” —Adventures Fantastic

Dichronauts Final CoverDichronauts, by Greg Egan

Trade paperback

After its 2017 hardcover release, this mind-bending novel is back in trade paperback, and ready to reach a new audience and expose them to the sheer wackiness (and utter brilliance) of its universe.

Not for nothing is the setting of Dichronauts known as “the strangest world in science fiction”, and not for nothing is Greg Egan known as a genius—because while we can barely wrap our heads around the bizarre physics* in this book, he somehow makes it easily accessible and still tells a great story.

(*If you don’t believe us about the physics, look at his explanations here. Go ahead, we’ll wait.)

Praise for Dichronauts:

“Impressively bizarre . . . Egan may have out-Eganed himself with this one.”—Publishers Weekly

“Egan (The Arrows of Time, 2014, etc.) specializes in inventing seriously strange worlds; this one might well be his weirdest yet.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Hard science fiction in its purest form . . . Egan has always done the science half of science fiction as well as anyone can.”—The 1000 Year Plan

“Per usual for Egan, conceptualizing the math and physics that form the foundation of this bizarre sci-fi tale takes some doing, but the results are well worth the effort.”—B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

“I haven’t been this surprised and entertained by world building for a long time . . . the most brutal and poignant depiction of oppression I have ever seen in fiction. This is why I love Egan’s work – he is absolutely unflinching. . . . Like all of Egan’s work, Dichronauts is brilliant and sweet, heartbreaking and obscure.”—The Kingdoms of Evil

“I enjoyed this one very much—in large part because the characters and problems become very engaging as the story progresses, but also because I just liked messing around with the maths.”—The Oikofuge

“I always enjoy Greg Egan’s writing. Coupled with his scientific background and fertile imagination, he manages to come up with places and aliens unlike any others . . . not only does Egan offer a unique world and alien race – he also provides a cracking adventure story full of tension and excitement right from the start through to the climactic ending. . . . I love this one. Brilliant and inventive, this book reminds me all over again just why I love science fiction so much.”—Brainfluff, 10/10. Reviewed by Sarah J. Higbee

9781597809375_FCThe Reign of the Departed, by Greg Keyes

The High and Faraway, Book One

Trade paperback

Greg Keyes is an SFF writer who’s done a bit of everything in his novels—from creating his own worlds (The Briar King, Newton’s Cannon, The Waterborn, and more) to expanding on the universes of such famous series as Star Wars, The Elder Scrolls, Babylon 5, Planet of the Apes, and more—and has sold nearly a million copies of his books. So when we say that we’re publishing his newest series, The High and Faraway, which just happens to be his first original work in almost a decade, we think you’ll understand why we’re so excited.

In the first book in this sweeping new fantasy series, The Reign of the Departed, a young man looking for death finds purpose in a world beyond our own after a failed suicide attempt. Before he knows what’s happened, he’s trapped in a wooden automaton animated by a magic-using classmate and forced into a dangerous quest involving a girl who’s been dead for thirty years, a series of magical kingdoms, an evil Sheriff, giants, spirits, shapeshifters, and a whole series of other bizarre characters and strange events.

It’s the first part of an exciting and beautiful new tale by a talented writer, and we’re sure that when it comes out, you’ll all enjoy reading it as much as we have working on it.

(PS: Check back soon for the cover reveal—it’s incredible! You’ll be amazed, just saying . . .)


final_frontier_cover_0118The Final Frontier, edited by Neil Clarke

Stories of Exploring Space, Colonizing the Universe, and First Contact

Trade paperback

That’s right! Another Neil Clarke-edited anthology, number two (of three) for 2018! Unlike The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume Three, this is a themed anthology; its stories revolve around the vast and mysterious spaces around us, as well as the many ways in which humanity seeks to explore and understand the universe itself. It’s a classic element in some of our favorite science fiction ever (Star Trek, anyone?), and the brilliant short stories in this anthology approach it in a variety of fascinating ways that are sure to keep all sci-fi fans entertained.

Here’s the full description and table of contents, with authors such as Elizabeth Bear, Ken Liu, Seth Dickinson, Nancy Cress, Carrie Vaughn, Peter Watts, and more!

Don’t forget to check out our other anthologies from Neil, too—in addition to the Best Science Fiction of the Year series, he’s also put together two other themed anthologies, More Human than Human and Galactic Empires. Both are highly recommended—clink the links above for praise and their tables of contents!


9781597809382_FCWrath of Kings, by Glen Cook

A Chronicle of the Dread Empire


This is a big one, folks: an omnibus edition of the final three Dread Empire novels (Reap the East WindAn Ill Fate Marshalling, and A Path to Coldness of Heart) from a pioneer of gritty and realistic epic fantasy, Glen Cook—a man who, according to Steven Erikson, “single-handedly changed the face of fantasy.”

The Dread Empire series, like Cook’s famous Black Company series before it, was a dark fantasy saga that perfectly captured the author’s “Vietnam War fiction on peyote” vibe. But, unlike the Black Company, it was never completed—the epic narrative had been put on hold when the original manuscript to the final volume was stolen. So we’re thrilled to say that now, twenty years later, Cook has returned to the Dread Empire after completely rewriting the concluding novel.

And we’re even more thrilled to say that, with Wrath of Kings, we’ve collected that newly rewritten book, along with the first two in its trilogy, into a single massive volume. Now (well, in July, but you know what we mean), all you Cook fans can finally read the long-awaited final chapter in the epic saga of the Dread Empire.

Plus, this means that for the first time, this incredible series will have been completely compiled in our hardcover omnibus editions! So, if you haven’t read the beginning of the tale, then check out A Cruel Windthe first Dread Empire omnibus from Night Shade, which collects the first three novels in the series: A Shadow of All Night’s FallingOctober’s Baby, and All Darkness Met. And also check out A Fortress in Shadow, which combines two separately published Dread Empire novels, The Fire in His Hands and With Mercy Toward None.

And if you can’t wait until July, check out The Starfishers Trilogy, another omnibus we put together—it’s classic Cook, but in space! (Where nobody can hear you scream . . .)

Also, sneak preview: we’re publishing The Heirs of Babylon, Cook’s long-lost first novel, in January of 2019, the first time it’s been updated since its original 1972 publication. Check back here soon for more news, including a reveal of the incredible cover (with art by Raymond Swanland, who designed the Wrath of Kings cover above, as well as the classic Black Company covers).


9781597809115_FCThe Tropic of Eternity, by Tom Toner

Volume Three of the Amaranthine Spectrum


Sequel to The Weight of the World, and the final novel in the trilogy that began with Tom Toner’s critically acclaimed and ambitious literary space opera debut, The Promise of the Child, The Tropic of Eternity moves the series to its dramatic conclusion, one that will have far-reaching consequences for the entirety of the the Amaranthine worlds and the Prism. This is genre-bending, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring space opera at its best; it’s certain to fill sci-fi and fantasy fans with wonder and delight.

After all, there’s a reason Tor.com called the first book in this series “Among the most significant works of science fiction released in recent years.”

Still don’t believe us? Check out what others had to say:

Praise for Tom Toner and the Amaranthine Spectrum: 

“This extensive story of the 147th century is filled with spectacular ideas and adventure across the solar system and beyond. . . . a tour de force of universe building and characterization . . . splendid, outrageous and brilliant speculations . . . affording careful readers a complex tale of a possible far future.”—Shelf Awareness, reviewed by Rob LeFebvre

“Deeply imagined, deliberately paced, and brain-breakingly opaque (in the best way) . . . while much remains a mystery, Toner’s confident style—and the forceful impact on the reader when pieces do fall into place—give the sequel a heft and power that goes beyond the plot twists.”—B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog, “B&N Bookseller’s Picks: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of January 2017”

“I was hooked from the very beginning . . . Tom Toner paints his characters and worlds beautifully, even when they’re at their ugliest. This is a clever, ambitious, inventive, wondrous series, brilliantly executed, that leaves me wanting more and soon. It might be only February but this is the science fiction novel to beat this year and it most certainly won’t be easy.”—For Winter Nights

“Humming with energy, this is space opera like you’ve never seen it before. Absolutely brilliant.”
—Adam Roberts, author of Salt and Jack Glass

“A dizzying mash-up of science fiction and fantasy themes that are both mystifying and entertaining. . .will appeal to readers who enjoy the offbeat end of far-future sf. This is the kind of novel that could develop a cult following.”
Booklist Reviews

“Marvelous. . .a space opera of surpassing gracefulness, depth, complexity, and well, all-round weirdness.”
—Paul Di Filippo, Locus

CoverNotAvailableFireBlack Lotus Kiss, by Jason Ridler

A Brimstone Files Novel

Trade paperback

From Jason Ridler, author of Hex-Rated, comes book two in the Brimstone Files series! Black Lotus Kiss continues James Brimstone’s salaciously pulpy private-detective adventures in the wild world of 1970s Los Angeles, and this time, he may be dealing with more than even he can handle.

After a deadly attack nearly kills his friend Cactus, and the only clue is a mysterious Black Lotus from the long-gone barbarian lands of Cimmeria and Babylon, Brimstone is thrown into a world of rich heirs, professional wrestlers, skateboarding gangs, car chases, and, of course, more magical depravity than you can shake a stick at.

It’s wild, it’s exciting, it’s risque, and it’s a ton of fun. Anyone who loved Hex-Rated—or who just loves a good pulp adventure—will be sure to enjoy it.

Just remember to check out our Secret Style Guide to the World of Brimstone first so you get a taste of what you’re in for!

Praise for Hex-Rated:

“Terrific fun, dripping with rich period detail and nods to Ed Wood movies and Jack Kirby comics. Smutty, profane, and unapologetically slathered in pulp, Hex-Rated is a loving homage to all the musty, dog-eared paperbacks stuffed in the used bookstore’s spinner rack.” —Jason Heller, NPR

“Steeped in the style of 1970s pulp detective fiction . . . Brimstone is cut from the cloth of the classic wisecracking detective, and Ridler peppers the text with perfectly pitched hard-boiled vernacular. The novel’s wild mix of comedy and supernatural perils bodes well for its detective’s future adventures.”—Publishers Weekly

“Rollicking, exotic, and pulpy to the max.”—B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“Take Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, throw in a double fistful of black magic, and shake until fiery combustion. Bring on more Brimstone Files, immediately.” —Andrew Post, author of Aftertaste

“Deliciously uncomfortable, wonderfully gritty, and a worthy successor to the occult detectives of old.”—Brian Keene, author of The Complex

“The book inside is even better than the cover. . . . This is the first of the Brimstone Files novels, and I can’t wait for the next one. Filthy, magical, and dangerous, Hex-Rated and Jason Ridler should both definitely be on your radar.”—Other Worlds Than These

“Fast paced, clever, and a great example of world-building. I loved the diverse and complicated supporting characters throughout and found the magic and lore to be consistent and handled deftly. . . . it has everything you should be looking for in a supernatural-drenched thriller. And that cover art is sweet.”—Bob Freeman, Occult Detective and author of Keepers of the Dead