Cover Reveal: BLACK LOTUS KISS, by Jason Ridler

We’ve got a new cover to show off, everyone! This one is for the newest Brimstone Files novel from Jason Ridler (@JayRidler): Black Lotus Kiss!

The sequel to the acclaimed urban fantasy novel Hex-Rated, Black Lotus Kiss continues the adventures of 1970s LA private eye James Brimstone. This time, he’s dealing with—among other things—a crazed sci-fi sex cult, an attack on a group of his fellow Korea veterans that nearly kills his friend Cactus, a group of testosterone-fueled professional wrestlers who don’t take kindly to him, and a strength-increasing drug derived from a mysterious, supposedly extinct magical flower: the Black Lotus.

And, somehow, he manages to do it all in wingtips, a polyester suit, and a coiffure so perfectly styled that we just had to put it (and his intense, brooding stare) right on the cover for all of you to see. Check it out:

Black Lotus Kiss FINAL

Art by John Stanko and design by Claudia Noble.


So, now that you’ve seen the cover, let us tell you a bit about how it came together!

First off, though, check out some of our favorite classic-pulp covers below. Notice any stylistic similarities?

Cover Collage

As you can probably tell, we wanted to get across a classic pulp-novel vibe, like the paperback thrillers of the 70s. To do that, we combined the styles of these great pulpy covers—the alluring woman, the serious detective, the bold colors and dark shadows—with the magical, urban-fantasy vibes of Brimstone’s Los Angeles to create an all-new noir-detective-fantasy aesthetic, with just a hint of the Black Lotus itself lurking in the background. And if you think you’re spotting a bit of comic-book-cover style there, too, you’re not at all wrong—Jason Ridler himself pointed that out in his (not-so) Secret Style Guide to the World of Brimstone!

We’re really proud of how John Stanko and Claudia Noble synthesized all our diverse influences into one striking, attention-grabbing cover that, somehow, feels both classic and fresh. We hope you’ll all like it, too.

If you do like it, and if you’re curious about the book, you should check out Hex-Rated, the first Brimstone Files novel; it’s a great way to get introduced to James Brimstone and the wild world of 1970s Los Angeles.

Then, find us on Twitter @NightShadeNews and tweet us an image of your own favorite pulp cover, and we’ll enter you to win an Advance Reading Copy of Black Lotus Kiss so you can read it even before it’s published! (Bonus points if you read the whole thing in a polyester suit. Double bonus points if it’s sky-blue.)

Plus, keep an eye out here, on Twitter, and at Jason’s website, Ridlerville, because we’ll be posting a Black Lotus Kiss excerpt soon . . .


(And, because we know somebody’s going to be wondering: no, it’s not the same Black Lotus that’s the most valuable card in Magic: The Gathering, but it is just as powerful!)