PUB DAY: The Soldier by Neal Asher!


It’s a great day, everybody, because today—May 15, 2018—is the publication date for the newest sci-fi thrill ride from Neal Asher: The Soldier!

1. First, Neal is hosting an AMA today – click here to participate! It’s his first public Q&A since the release of Dark Intelligence a few years ago, so now’s your chance to ask him any burning questions you might have about the Polity, science fiction writing, etc.

2. The Soldier has already picked up some very solid media coverage; in addition to blurbs from authors like John Scalzi, Yoon Ha Lee, Paul McAuley, and Peter F. Hamilton, it’s also getting strong review attention. Publishers Weekly recently gave it a coveted Starred Review—you can read the entire review on their site.

3. Russell Letson of Locus also had some kind words about the new release, as well as the future potential of Asher’s vast (and still unfolding) universe:

I had thought with the Transformation trilogy (Dark Intelligence, War Factory, Infinity Engine) that Asher had maxed out what could be done with the Polity setting—that the near-metaphysical implications of the fate of Penny Royal constituted a kind of narrative event horizon. I think I might have been mistaken.

(You can’t access the review online, but you can subscribe if you want to see it all. It’s a good one.)

4. The Soldier is the first novel in a new series from Neal, set in the same Polity universe as the Agent Cormac series, the Spatterjay trilogy, the Transformation trilogy, and a handful of assorted standalone novels and short stories. You don’t have to have read any of Neal’s previous books prior to starting The Soldier, but below is an informative (and pretty entertaining!) “Asher 101” video that provides a general background to the Polity—it’s great for new readers, as well as for fans who just want a refresher:

5. And, finally, before you actually start reading (we know, it’s hard to wait) or as soon as you’ve turned the last page, you should check out this great recent interview with Neal and Paul Semel to get lots more background info on The Soldier and how it fits into the overall Polity Universe.

Soldier_no marks


The Soldier is available now, wherever books are sold.

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