Cover Reveal:The Heirs of Babylon, by Glen Cook!

Wow, do we have some exciting news for you today, sci-fi and fantasy fans: We’re revealing the new cover for The Heirs of Babylon, Glen Cook’s (yes, that’s THE Glen Cook, of the Black Company fame!) long-lost first novel. A blend of dystopian politics and post-apocalyptic naval warfare, The Heirs of Babylon was first published way back in 1972 by Signet, and it’s been out of print since, making it a truly hard-to-find gem.

We here at Night Shade Books have published some of Glen’s other science fiction and fantasy (a lot of it, really), and we’re huge fans of his writing in general, so when we got the opportunity to work on this one, we jumped at it. And when we realized we’d get to work on the cover with the great Raymond Swanland, who designed some of Glen’s most famous covers, well . . . let’s just say we’re pretty thrilled, and we’re confident that once you see the results, you will be too.

Keep scrolling to check out the cover, the book’s description, and a special inside look at the sketches Raymond made for us as we put this together.

Glen Cook - Heirs of Babylon

Pretty incredible, right? We agree.


And just to whet your appetites further, here’s the description, which will give some context to the image above.

The dystopian politics of 1984 meet the naval-warship backdrop of The Last Ship in fantasy master Glen Cook’s reissued first novel, available for the first time in decades.

It is 2193, and still the war continues.

Two hundred years after nuclear and chemical weapons have nearly annihilated the global population, the last of mankind struggles on in isolated communities. Law and order is carried out by the Political Office, black-clad police who rule through fear and violence, commanding the world’s survivors how to think, how to act, and when to obey the call to the Gathering: the ritual massing for war against an unknown and unseen Enemy.

Now the call has come, and all nations must pay tribute.

Kurt Ranke is a young man eking out an existence in the ruins of former Germany with his pregnant wife. But when the Gathering is called, he boards the decrepit destroyer Jäger—a once-mighty warship now more than two centuries old. Antiquated, broken-down, and running on steam, it wallows through uncharted waters carrying Ranke and a reluctant and ragtag group of soldiers en route to the Final Meeting: a battle from which it’s rumored none have ever returned . . .

Night Shade Books is proud to reissue, for the first time, The Heirs of Babylon, Glen Cook’s long-unavailable debut novel, a dark blend of post-apocalyptic naval warfare, Orwellian political intrigue, and the intimate, war-correspondent prose the author is known for.


And, lastly, here are the sketches Raymond put together for us to review. We wish we could have used them all, of course, but if nothing else, these images should hint at some of the incredible scenes in The Heirs of Babylon.

But you’ll have to read the book to know more . . .



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