COVER REVEAL: The Warship, by Neal Asher!

Alright, sci-fi fans, we’ve got a really exciting one for you today: we’re revealing the cover for The Warshipthe newest Polity space opera spectacular from the inimitable Neal Asher, author of, among many others, Gridlinked (which we’ve just released as a mass market paperback, if you didn’t know)Dark Intelligence, and The Soldier

Keep scrolling for the cover (with art by Adam Burn and design by Claudia Noble), the book’s description, and a special treat for Asher fans!

War Ship - Neal Asher

Art by Adam Burn and design by Claudia Noble.


Pretty great, right? We won’t give you any hints about what the image actually shows, though careful readers of The Soldier (and Neal’s earlier works) may have a few ideas. But you’ll have to read the book to find out for sure . . .


Here’s the description for The Warship: 

The dangers of ancient technology looms over the Polity in the sequel to The Soldier, Neal Asher’s latest action-packed space opera series.

The haiman Orlandine, charged with safeguarding lethal Jain tech swirling inside an accretion disc located in the distant reaches of space, has weaponized a black hole to eliminate the threat. But others are suspicious of her motives, and both the Polity AIs and the leaders of the alien prador kingdom dispatch fleets of warships in anticipation of conflict.

As the black hole continues to eat its way through the planets in the accretion disc, making its way towards a dead sun, it becomes clear the disc has been hiding a larger secret. Nefarious forces with ulterior motives have manipulated Orlandine into deploying the black hole, triggering a series of larger events that will uncover a danger far older than even the Polity itself.

From British science fiction writer Neal Asher, The Warship picks up right where its predecessor, The Soldier, left off, showcasing Asher’s unique take on cutting-edge and fast-paced science fiction.


And, lastly, here’s something fun for you Asher fans: a chronological map of when each of the Polity books takes place! Neal has created such a deep universe that it can be a challenge to keep track of it all, so we thought this would help to situate each book in a greater context within the Polity universe timeline. Neal Asher Timeline pages


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