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Brass Man

Brass Man

The Third Agent Cormac Novel

Trade Paperback - $7.99
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ISBN: 9781597809801
Published: 11/06/2018

Facing an indestructible killing machine, Brass Man continues the bloody and action-packed saga of Earth Central Security Agent Ian Cormac.

On the primitive, insectile monster-filled world of Cull, a knight errant called Anderson is hunting a dragon, unaware that, far away, someone else has resurrected a near-indestructible brass killing machine called Mr. Crane to assist in a similar hunt.

But when Agent Cormac learns that this old enemy still lives, he sets out in pursuit aboard the attack ship Jack Ketch.

Meanwhile, for the people of Cull, each day proves a struggle to survive while they slowly work to escape to their forefathers’ starship, still orbiting far above them. Yet an entity with questionable motives—known only as Dragon—assists them with genetic by-blows created out of humans and the hideous local monsters.

At the same time, scientist Mika begins discovering the horrifying truth about the ancient living technology produced by the alien Jain. And now Cull itself, for millennia geologically inactive, is increasingly suffering earthquakes . . .

Night Shade Books is proud to reissue Neal Asher’s Agent Cormac series, a fast-moving, edge-of-your-seat science fiction adventure from one of today’s most exciting SF talents.

Neal Asher is a science fiction writer whose work has been nominated for both the Philip K. Dick and the British Fantasy Society awards. He has published more than twenty books, many set within his “Polity” universe, including GridlinkedThe Skinner, and Dark Intelligence. He divides his time between Essex and a home in Crete.

Praise for Brass Man
“A satisfyingly baroque plot and strong action sequences . . . This violent, fast-moving novel is lots of fun.”— Publishers Weekly

“A fun, action-filled, high-velocity futuristic adventure that I believe will only get better as the series continues.”— Fantasy Book Critic

“Fizzing with intelligent ideas and occasionally streaked with black humor. Appalling, mind-boggling, fascinating—and irresistible.”— Kirkus Reviews

“A complex weaving of a large cast of characters and scientific and philosophical thinking, a tale blending both hard science and fantasy into a satisfying gestalt . . . a very good sequel from Neal Asher.”— Curled Up With A Good Book

General Praise for Neal Asher:
“Asher is a modern master of sci-fi.” —Starburst magazine

“Neal Asher’s books are like an adrenaline shot targeted directly for the brain.” —New York Times bestselling author John Scalzi

“With mind-blowing complexity, characters, and combat, Asher’s work continues to combine the best of advanced cybertech and military SF.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A wide-screen special-effects extravaganza, a space opera featuring gods and monsters . . . Doc Smith and Olaf Stapledon in a blender, turned up to eleven, with the contents splattering across the ceiling.” ―Russell Letson, Locus

“Asher has an amazing talent for world-building, for writing larger-than-life characters, for weaving gripping plots and for imagining exotic alien races and wonderful technologies. Huge ships! Big weapons! Space battles! Ground battles! Treason! Revenge! This is New Space Opera at its best.” —Sense of Wonder

“Hardboiled, fast-paced space opera . . . Asher’s books are similar to the world of Iain M. Banks’ Culture universe, but the Polity is arguably a much darker and more vicious environment—and all the better for it.” —The Register