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Hardcover - $25.00
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ISBN: 9781892389633
Published: 01/01/2003

IN & OZ is a novel of Art, Love and Auto Mechanics.

It is also about two places: the actualities of the here and now and the desire for somewhere better. Five men and women—an auto designer, photographer, musical composer, poet/ sculptor and mechanic— find themselves drawn together when they begin to suspect that the thing lacking in their lives might be discovered in the other place. Against the tension between idiosyncratic art and mass-marketed taste, each works to bridge the gulf between IN & OZ by using the medium of their trades: light and darkness; sound and silence; language and dirt; automobile bodies and mechanics.

The revelations they discover make them fear that who they are may be so different from what the world has made of them that they can never change, even as it begins to pull them apart.

That is, IN & OZ is a story as old as the Tower of Babel and as new as global markets: the story of goods as art and art as goods; of words and artifice; of people working together and at odds; of ambition and acceptance—and the need to speak through the difficulty of saying anything meaningful…. It is, in other words, a story of the human condition, and men and women trying to use what little they have to transform themselves, find one another, and carve out a space where they can live.

“In IN & OZ, Steve Tomasula writes as though the English language were his own invention. I’m far from certain he's wrong about this. But if we could still imagine a surrounding in which destiny lay within creatures and stones, or recognized the unconfinements of words, we might know fiction as he does. Next to being wholly new, In & Oz is the best there is.”
—R.M. Berry, author of Leonardo’s Horse: A Novel and The Dictionary of Modern Anguish: Fictions

“With IN & OZ, Tomasula crafts a fiercely intelligent and uncompromising parable on what has become of us.”
—Alex Shakar, author of The Savage Girl and City in Love: The New York Metamorphoses