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Jane Carver of Waar

Jane Carver of Waar

Jane Carver Vol. 1

Trade Paperback - $14.99
Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's

ISBN: 9781597803960
Published: 3/5/2012

Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's, or Baen

ISBN: 9781597804097
Published: 3/5/2012

Jane Carver is nobody’s idea of a space princess.

A hard-ridin’, hard-lovin’ biker chick and ex-Airborne Ranger, Jane is as surprised as anyone else when, on the run from the law, she ducks into the wrong cave at the wrong time—and wakes up butt-naked on an exotic alien planet light-years away from everything she’s ever known.

Waar is a savage world of four-armed tiger-men, sky-pirates, slaves, gladiators, and purple-skinned warriors in thrall to a bloodthirsty code of honor. Caught up in a disgraced nobleman’s quest to win back the hand of a sexy alien princess, Jane encounters bizarre wonders and dangers unlike anything she ever ran into back home.

 Then again, Waar has never seen anyone like Jane before….

Both a loving tribute and scathing parody of the swashbuckling space fantasies of yore, Jane Carver of Waar introduces an unforgettable new science fiction heroine.

“With Jane Carver, Nathan Long takes Burroughs' classic tales of interplanetary adventure and one-ups them on every level. It's funnier, brasher, and even more fun! Read it, and love it!”
—Matt Forbeck, author of Amortals and Carpathia

“...the future of pulp fiction! I turned the pages while Jane Carver quested in a world ‘full of slaves and gladiators and naked sexists.’ Give Jane a sword and a Marlboro, and send us back to Waar!”
—Nancy Holder, New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked series and Unleashed