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Knife Sworn

Knife Sworn

Tower and Knife, Book Two

Trade Paperback - $ 15.99
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ISBN: 9781597805476
Published: 10/07/2014

Hardcover - $26.99
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ISBN: 9781597803861
Published: 11/6/2012

Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's, or Baen

ISBN: 9781597803878
Published: 11/6/2012

After a lifetime locked in his tower room, Sarmin has come into his own. He is the crowned emperor; he has wed Mesema of the horse tribes; the Pattern- Master is dead. Everything should be happyever- after.

But war ignites in the north, and in the palace, Sarmin’s new baby brother is seen as a threat to Mesema’s unborn child. Scheming courtiers surround the Petal Throne, and when a peace envoy is invited, their plots blossom. Sarmin has no royal assassin as proof against their treachery: no one to whom he can give the twisted Knife.

Those whom Sarmin saved from the Pattern- Master’s curse, unsure how to live without the Many, turn to Mogyrk, the god of their ancient foe, for comfort. And Sarmin has not been left alone: the remnants of the Many haunt his thoughts; he hears their voices in the darkness of his room. The worst damage left by the Pattern-Master is about to take Sarmin unawares…

“Williams’ riveting and intense debut is driven as much by the emotional scars of a ruthless court as by the court’s intrigues. Compelling characterisations will keep fans of grim fantasy entirely enthralled.”
— Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Eschewing high fantasy’s habitual Euro-mediaevalesque settings, Williams conjures a world with strong flavours of the early Ottoman Empire, mediaeval Persia and Arabian legend. It makes for a rich and entertaining storytelling environment, and Williams creates a twisty and enjoyable tale…this is strongly recommended.”

“The plot is wonderfully unpredictable, making for a lively and vibrant read that’s tied together by Williams’ beautifully artistic vision of a land wrought with fear and death…a tale of fear and fluidity, of evolution and ego, and one that is dictated in a style so visual and penetrating that it will have the Pattern invading your dreams.”
— Fantasy Book Review

“A real, grown-up and utterly, brilliantly well-wrought epic fantasy. Fans of Brandon Sanderson or Robert Jordan will love this, but it also holds similarities to talented authors like Stephen Deas and Mark Lawrence. Mazarkis Williams is a debuting author to keep an eye on.”
— Rantingdragon.com