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Trade Paperback - $15.00
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ISBN: 978-1-59780-533-9
Published: 09/16/2014

The only people who can stop the high- tech terrorists who are stealing power are on horseback.

In the very near future, the United States’ energy needs are supplied by enormous solar farms the size of a small state. The panels generate an energy field that prevents ordinary machinery and electronics from functioning. The fields have to be guarded and tended by men on horseback: the Outriders.

New Las Vegas is ruled with an iron fist by Mayor Franklin Dreg and his quietly competent personal assistant, Timothy Hale. Crisis erupts when Hale discovers someone has been stealing energy— siphoning it out of the New Las Vegas grid under cover of darkness. As the Outriders investigate, the scale of the thieving becomes clear: these aren’t ordinary energy leechers. These are high-tech terrorists, or revolutionaries engaged in a mysterious and dangerous enterprise that could bring down the entire energy grid and the city it supports.

As pressures mount, fractures appear, both in the political leadership of New Las Vegas and among the tight-knit community of Outriders. As the pressure continues to grow, the mysterious goal of the “Drain- ers” finally comes into focus. Only then do the Outriders realize how dangerous the situation really is.