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Shower of Stones

Shower of Stones

A Novel of Jeroun

Hardcover - $26.99
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ISBN: 9781597808170
Published: 07/14/2015

The follow-up to Zachary Jernigan’s critically acclaimed literary debut, No Return.

At the moment of his greatest victory, before a crowd of thousands, the warrior Vedas Tezul renounced his faith, calling for revolt against the god Adrash, imploring mankind to unite in this struggle.

Good intentions count for nothing. In the three months since his sacrilegious pronouncement, the world has not changed for the better. In fact, it is now on the verge of dying. The Needle hangs broken in orbit above Jeroun, each of its massive iron spheres poised to fall and blanket the planet’s surface in dust. Long-held truces between Adrashi and Anadrashi break apart as panic spreads.

With no allegiance to either side, the disgraced soldier Churls walks into the divided city of Danoor with a simple plan: murder the monster named Fesuy Amendja, and retrieve from captivity the only two individuals that still matter to her—Vedas Tezul, and the constructed man Berun. The simple plan goes awry, as simple plans do, and in the process Churls and her companions are introduced to one of the world’s deepest secrets: a madman, insisting he is the link to an ancient world, offering the most tempting lie of all . . . hope.

Concluding the visceral, inventive narrative begun in No Return, Shower of Stones pits men against gods and swords against civilization-destroying magic in the fascinatingly harsh world of Jeroun.

Praise for Shower of Stones

“Jernigan’s prose skill is sufficient to rank him among speculative fiction’s rising stars. . .Those who enjoyed the intricate worldbuilding in No Return will appreciate an even greater panoramic view of Jeroun; those who preferred the gory battle scenes will not leave disappointed, either.”
Publishers Weekly

Praise for No Return:

“A hypnotic sort of read the evokes a lot of the same awe and wonder I felt reading Gene Wolfe's stuff; the Elizabeth Hand blurb tells you all you need to know. If you love the shock and awe of science-fantasy and don't care much for paint-by-numbers plots, pick this up.”
—Kameron Hurley, author of The Mirror Empire and God's War on No Return

“Zachary Jernigan's genre-defying epic raises the bar for literary speculative fiction. It has the sweep of Frank Herbert's Dune and the intoxicatingly strange grandeur of Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, with a decadent, beautifully rendered vision all its own. One of the most impressive debuts of recent years.”
—Elizabeth Hand, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning author of Available Dark and Radiant Days on No Return

“Pure genius . . . A visionary, violent, sexually charged, mystical novel.”
—David Anthony Durham, Campbell Award–winning author of the Acacia trilogy on No Return

“Pulls no punches in its rich, visceral depictions of sexuality, martial arts, punk energy, and the philosophical quandaries of power and identity that speculative fiction uniquely exploits—and that few up-and-coming speculative writers outside Jernigan tackle with such guts.”
—Jason Heller,The A.V. Club(The Onion) on No Return

“Vivid, varied, and violent. At once beautiful and terrible to behold.”
—Nickolas Sharps, SF Signal on No Return

“No Return needs to be noticed. There is so much more to it than the accoutrement would imply. Populated with a fair amount of face punching, as coded by the visceral cover, it contains a tenderness and at times overt eroticism that's often ignored in science fiction and fantasy. Zachary Jernigan has something unique to say, a voice we're not hearing from anywhere else. I dearly hope more readers, and award afficianados, take an opportunity to listen to him.”
—Justin Landon, Tor.com on No Return

“The most daring debut novel of 2013.”
Staffer’s Book Review on No Return

“Zachary Jernigan starts at the very edge of the map and plunges deep into uncharted territory...For thinking readers who like swashbuckling with an edge, No Return delivers.”
—James Patrick Kelly, winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Locus Awards

No Return is a rich, diverse, inventive fantasy...Zachary Jernigan has created a stunningly original world and I can't wait to see where he takes us next.”
—Martha Wells, author of The Books of the Raksura

No Return displays the kind of prose, worldbuilding and depth of characterization that place Zachary Jernigan securely within the top tier of Fantasy authors.”
—Timothy C. Ward, Adventures in SciFi Publishing