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Soft Apocalypse

Soft Apocalypse


Trade Paperback - $14.99
Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's

ISBN: 9781597802765
Published: 04/01/2011

Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's, or Baen

ISBN: 9781597803076
Published: 04/01/2011

What happens when resources become scarce and society starts to crumble? As the competition for resources pulls America’s previously stable society apart, the “New Normal” is a Soft Apocalypse. This is how our world ends; with a whimper instead of a bang.

New social structures and tribal connections spring up across America, as the previous social structures begin to dissolve. Soft Apocalypse follows the journey across the Southeast of a tribe of formerly middleclass Americans as they struggle to find a place for themselves and their children in a new, dangerous world that still carries the ghostly echoes of their previous lives.

“SOFT APOCALYPSE isn’t about a bunch of cold-eyed survivalists taming the holocaust with guns and skill, it’s about a group of ordinary people confronted by the fall of their own civilization, struggling not just for survival, but for their own humanity.”
− Walter Jon Williams, author of Hardwired and This Is Not a Game

“ Compelling, terrifying, and eerie, this is one story you will want to stop reading but you just won’t be able to.”
— David Wellington, author of Monster Island

“ Time and again, Will McIntosh’s fiction offers tantalizing and rewarding surprises while warmly engaging the reader’s heart and mind.”
— Sheila Williams, editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction

“ McIntosh’s harrowing and poignant tale of survival, death, and dating in The Collapse left me fearing the future like never before. Time to start stocking up on drinking water and machetes.”
— Jon Armstrong, author of Yarn