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Sung In Blood

Sung In Blood


Trade Paperback - $14.99
Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's

ISBN: 9781597805056
Published: 05/06/2014

Hardcover - $23.95
Buy at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's

ISBN: 9781597800631
Published: 01/01/2006

For three centuries, Shasesserre, the Crossroad of the World, has been kept safe from harm, shielded by the wizardry of its legendary Protector, Jehrke Victorious. His web of sorcery blankets the City, insulating and guarding it from the slightest threat of approaching armies and magical malfeasance.

Those many generations of calm, however, may have just come to a calamitous end: the Protector has been brutally slain by a mysterious stranger. Immediately, it falls to Rider, Jehrke’s son, to take on his father’s responsibilities as Protector of the City and to avenge his death. Fortunately, Rider is accompanied in this desperate mission by his band of loyal companions: Chaz, the gruff barbarian from the far north; Spud, the mechanical mastermind; Greystone, the wild-bearded philosopher; black-cassocked Preacher; rough-and-tumble Soup; and Rider’s familiar, Su-Cha, the diminutive, shape-shifting, and mischievous imp.

Together, Rider and his cohorts must utilize their every resource—wits, swords, and magic—against the vile minions of the devious dwarf Kralj Odehnal and his terrifying and merciless master, the wicked eastern sorcerer Shai Khe, who conspires to conquer Shasesserre and rule the world with an iron fist.

“Glen Cook… single-handedly changed the field of fantasy—something a lot of people didn’t notice,and maybe still don’t. He brought the story down to a human level… Reading his stuff was like reading Vietnam War fiction on Peyote.” — Steven Erikson, author of Gardens of the Moon